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Dhruin January 31st, 2007 20:52

Warhammer - AoR - Preview @ Eurogamer
Warhammer has been previewed at Eurogamer in an article laced with liberal quotes from "Mythic's eccentric and excitable British-imported creative director, Paul Barnett" among others:

Written on the whiteboard in executive producer Jeff Hickman's office is the legend, "Fun, you f***ers." It was scrawled there - unsanitised, we might add - as a reminder by Mythic's eccentric and excitable British-imported creative director, Paul Barnett. Jeff and Paul, along with the more sedate and composed producer, Lance Robertson, present a force to be reckoned with. They intend to make an MMO that won't get crushed under Blizzard's might, instead helping the genre take an evolutionary step forward. Their emphasis, driven by the long-established character of the Warhammer licence, is on brutal fun.
More information.

Greymane January 31st, 2007 20:52

Not a huge review but gives a lot of insight into the game's design. Sounds like a mix of WOW and DAOC and that can't be all bad.
I like how it sounds so far, hope they pull it off.

WOW needs some competition, they have no one to compare themselves to anymore and aren't likely to progress much or make many new changes without some outside competition forcing them to look at things.
Sorry for the ramble.. nice insightful article though.

Ionstormsucks February 1st, 2007 13:53

Based on all I've seen so far - be afraid Blizzard, be very afraid (not that they really have to be afraid since they made so much money with WoW it would not even matter to them if every single player stoped playing WoW). But anyway, there seems to be a company that is determined to actually hit Blizzard where it hurt most, and they seemed to have everything to do exactely that.

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