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NFLed January 28th, 2011 23:27

Where is the English manual?
Is there a PDF of the English manual of Drakensang: River of Time? I downloaded the game from GamersGate but I don't see a manual anywhere.

Alrik Fassbauer January 29th, 2011 13:20

I don't know. Try the one from Drakensang 1 instead, since the game's underlying system is the same.

And - why don't you ask GamersGate ?

NFLed February 2nd, 2011 17:28

GamersGate replied that there is no PDF manual at this time although they are working on one. Using the one from the first game works, thanks.

Alrik Fassbauer February 2nd, 2011 19:08

They are working on one ?????

Why don't they just use the one that's already out in Benelux ?????

Thrasher February 4th, 2011 23:41

They are still trying to figure out how to use a scanner. ;)

Gokyabgu May 21st, 2011 23:41

I recommend buying the boxed version from ebay. It comes with a pretty heavy manual with lots of pages. It's really interesting why they don't give the pdf version of the manual in digital purchasing though.

Thrasher May 21st, 2011 23:54

Good idea. I've done some manual searching there, but will set up an automatic search. :)

Alrik Fassbauer May 22nd, 2011 11:16

A look at the Drakensang Wiki is recommended :


Zloth July 3rd, 2011 03:16

Still no English manual for RoT or the expansion! (At least not on Steam.) Thanks for the wiki links, Alrik!

Edit: Aha! I don't know if I really trust the website but the English docs are at:

Gorath July 3rd, 2011 05:09

The Drakensang manual will also be fine, if you can find it.

Alrik Fassbauer July 3rd, 2011 13:19

Yes. There are so few differences from the first game that you can take the manual of one game for both.

And the few differences can easily be read with the righ-click "help" function.

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