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Wesp5 February 2nd, 2011 12:04

Postprocess fix default for Unofficial Patch?
Hi everybody, I plan to release the 1.3 version of my Unofficial Precursors patch soon. Now I'm contemplating whether I should make the postprocess ATI fix default even for users who are not affected, just to make it easier for those that are. I tested it on my NVIDIA card and couldn't see much of a difference except that the flashlight is brighter which isn't much of a bad thing. Any other issues to consider?

Tarash February 2nd, 2011 15:36

I would put the ATI fix in so it ain't a hassle for those who need it.
If it doesn't affect others they shouldn't have a problem with it.

bradleypariah February 2nd, 2011 19:53


What about the mouse acceleration thing? Are we agreed that no one in their right mind likes it? Or is that still a personal preference up for debate?

Here's a snippet from the old forum:

Originally Posted by badmofo
In VideoOptions.ini:


In ControlSettings.ini

Keyboard Sensitivity=0.000000
Mouse K2=0.000000

Although I personally did not follow the advise of disabling motion blur. I love motion blur. ;-)

player1 February 2nd, 2011 21:30

I would put it as optional file? Not as mandatory part!


Because it's workaround that disables some buggy postprocessing effects. For example, flashlight works great for nvidia users, because all postprocessing effects work properly, but with postprocessing "fix" it's as much buggy as with ATI cards (high brightness that makes it impossible to see anything with it turned on on broad daylight).

In short, it affect others, without issue, negatively.

Wesp5 February 2nd, 2011 22:38


Originally Posted by bradleypariah (Post 1061047699)
What about the mouse acceleration thing? Are we agreed that no one in their right mind likes it? Or is that still a personal preference up for debate?

The next official patch from GFI will be based on my resource file and the Russian 1.1 engine files, so expect the mouse acceleration option to be included.

As for the postprocess fix, I tested it on a NVIDIA card and the flashlight was a little bit bright but nothing more. I'll add how to remove it to the readme.

player1 February 2nd, 2011 22:55

It's hardly "a little".
Flashlight is much more useful with correct postprocessing, since you'll actually be able to see something if you turn it on in bright light (in bright places it would have very faint, almost invisible lighting, but in dark it would have very bright lighting).

This affects bit more White Gold users, since nights there are long and very dark, plus shooting with a firearms emits a light, which could lead to "blindness" if you use flashlight with ATI fix (and not seeing anything if you don't).

I tried experimenting and was never able to make new postprocessing effect that would sumlate correct flashlight lighting. A pity…

Wesp5 February 3rd, 2011 00:35


Originally Posted by player1 (Post 1061047722)
It's hardly "a little".

You are right, on my ATI 3850 the flashlight vanishes completely when I use the postprocess fix! This is not acceptable, so I'll keep it an optional install for people who experience flickering.

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