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hishadow February 4th, 2011 19:14

A plea for higher screenshots standards!
I really like the Picture Watch feature of this forum, but a lot of the screenshots are really dreadful. Shouldn't we do our best to show off all these excellent games from their best side instead of harsh poorly-lit washed-out polygons? Beside cranking up the ingame-options, there are lots of "hacks" at hand. Like tuning the game graphics with antialiasing etc. in your graphicscard driver. Adding support for widescreen to get the correct width/height proportion.

Judging by some of the screenshots someone really ought to have upgraded their hardware long time ago! :kiss:

Alrik Fassbauer February 5th, 2011 17:20

Some were even made of handhelds etc. There simply aren't much better graphics available, there.

zadokAllen February 12th, 2011 13:18

Oh…cmon - it has just shown beautiful Children of Mana & Deep Labirynth from NDS - quite a shock to see it here :)

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