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Corwin October 18th, 2006 15:13

How do you get Ancient Knowledge?
I have NO skill in Ancient Knowledge. Pray at shrine and while spells are available there, you have to have a min level of AK first, but you can't actually get it from the shrine. Talked to Sebastian, but he doesn't offer it and he seems to be bugged too, since he gave me a quest to collect Healing Plants, but doesn't recognise the fact I now have them!!

JonNik October 18th, 2006 15:25

Well I havent really played (just foolling around testing stuff
until the patches come).
But When I read a book (search Ardea) I got a +5 on Ancient knowledge…

ShadowMoses October 18th, 2006 15:47

I got some from a Druid. It works the same as training any skill (LP + Gold)… you've just got to find the trainers ;)

Corwin October 18th, 2006 15:48

OK, give me a hint; where's that Druid!!!! :D

ShadowMoses October 18th, 2006 16:24

:) See below… but i'm sure you can get the knowledge easier (you'll probably die on the way ;) ). There's an alchemist in Cape Dun(sp?) who might be able to train you. Otherwise, are you sure the shrines don't provide the knowledge? i'm sure i've seen the option but just didn't try it at the time.

Anyway, i really like the whole 'learning the old ways' thing, i'm sure it'll be rewarding in the end… it gives magic a certain majestic feel - not everyone is running around setting their dogs on fire! :D


He's between Cape dun(sp?) and Montera (sp?)

Maylander October 18th, 2006 16:31

Cape Dun and Montera is correct. Also, he's not on the direct path there, but the sidepath.

The first ancient knowledge trainer in the game is the fire magician in the rebel camp, you just have to do a wee quest for him(bring him 10 healing plants I think). He won't only teach you about alchemy, he'll also teach you about ancient knowledge.

Gorath October 18th, 2006 17:17

Congratulations, your thread was selected to be the first one in our spoiler forum! :D

Corwin October 19th, 2006 03:48

WOW, do I get a Prize!! :D

Apostrophe October 22nd, 2006 18:52

You can get ancient knowledge from the first rebel camp- Reddock. There's a mage there (Sebastian), who'll train you in the skills of ancient knowldege and alchemy if you give him 10 healing plants.

Eightball October 23rd, 2006 07:36

You can find books that train you in alchemy or ancient magic (bookshelves), and then you'll find stone tablets every so often on merchants or as loot, and they give 5 ancient magic skill as well. I have 75 or so, and haven't trained ancient magic once; just from stone tablets and reading books.

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