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Dhruin February 6th, 2007 01:15

Geneforge 4 - Released for Windows!
Spiderweb has released Geneforge 4: Rebellion for Windows:

You are a rebel, given the power to craft life and sent to fight the Shapers. At least, that is what they told you to do. Will you fight your oppressors? Or will you join them, tempted by the incredible rewards they offer? You have the chance to change the world. What path will you choose?
Geneforge 4: Rebellion features:
  • Enormous world, with over 80 areas to explore.
  • Choose among several sides, each with its own beliefs, cities, and quests. Help the rebels or fight them. Your choices will shape the world.
  • Dozens of different endings.
  • Many paths to victory. Slay your enemies or use stealth and diplomacy to outwit them. Become engrossed in the storyline or just go out and wreak havoc.
  • Lots of replay value.
  • Prior experience with the Geneforge series is completely unnecessary.

Hit the link to download the huge demo and watch for our review in the next week or two. Thanks also to numerous readers who wrote in on this.
More information.

Dhruin February 6th, 2007 01:15

Absolutely brilliant. If you've been complaining about the state of the RPG market recently - buy this.

Moriendor February 6th, 2007 01:19

You forgot the disclaimer… "… if you don't mind your risk of eye cancer rising to totally unparalleled levels" :biggrin:


Corwin February 6th, 2007 01:32

The GF series have all been good fun and good value!!

Cormac February 6th, 2007 02:40

Good news, but I have a lot of catching up before I can touch #4: I still have the 2nd and 3rd games to play.

karka February 6th, 2007 03:15

Is it just me or does the game crash too frequently?

Dhruin February 6th, 2007 03:27

I was a beta tester and never had a single crash, even with the first client.

zakhal February 6th, 2007 04:01

Since when did they add walking animations/etc? The game feels much more palatable now. Too bad that avernum 4 doesnt have them.

Cormac February 6th, 2007 04:26

I only played about one hour and havent had a crash. I cant recall ever having a Spiderweb game crash.

Cormac February 6th, 2007 04:30


Originally Posted by zakhal (Post 18551)
Since when did they add walking animations/etc? The game feels much more palatable now. Too bad that avernum 4 doesnt have them.

I wish they'd redo the first three Avernum with the newer engine. Not for the graphics but for the interface: I found walking around and interacting with objects rather tedious in those.

karka February 6th, 2007 04:42

I don't know what was wrong before, bu now it runs flawlessly.

txa1265 February 6th, 2007 11:40


Originally Posted by Dhruin (Post 18542)
I was a beta tester and never had a single crash, even with the first client.

I was also a tested, and I had horrific slowdowns on my Macbook Pro at one point, but Jeff found the source of that and fixed it … no problems since.

Lethal Weapon February 6th, 2007 11:58

Downloaded it last night and been playing for hours. Another example of a game with graphics from the 90s but with next-gen gameplay. Some time I wonder if those things are mutually exclusive.

crpgnut February 6th, 2007 17:43

Okay, to those who have played it awhile; is the storyline any different than in 1-3?
Are we still a shaper/agent/guardian who gets to choose between helping the rebels or the shapers? Do we still get linearly fed from one map to another? What is completely different in 4 compared to 1-3? I've pretty much stopped buying spiderweb games because each game is almost exactly like the one before it. It'd be like paying for Service Pack 1 and Service Pack 2 for XP.

Dhruin February 6th, 2007 23:16

It's different but, sure, it's still set in the same world and the battle between the shapers and rebels is the main focus.

This time you start as a new rebel recruit and there are different classes, although three of the five are analogues to shaper/agent/guardian. You can choose to help the rebels or shapers, be a double-agent or pursue…other options…when the time comes.

I don't recall G1 feeding you linearly from map to map. This is map-driven and has some occasional key choke-points but otherwise is very non-linear - there is almost always an alternative path to reach every goal, although some maps will be inaccessible to certain character types depending on whether they have the combat or mechanics or leadership skills to get through.

The resolution bump (1024x768) makes the game look crisper, the animations are improved, there are some (better) minor particle and lighting effects, the interface is his most polished, more spells and creations, some minor weather effects, different traps/mines and sneaking is remarkably effective for such a low-tech game.

The feel is different, even though the basic gameplay is very similar. You aren't (at first, anyway) a member of the powerful shapers -- you're a hunted rebel in a failing rebellion that the shapers are rapidly crushing…few places are safe and the shapers are ruthlesslessly closing in and wiping you out. Playing a sneaky character trapped in a deadly world feels pretty different to me.

Sure, you can still simply write it off as more of the same. You know there is a large demo - why not try it?

crpgnut February 7th, 2007 00:01

Yep, I downloaded the demo to see if it felt any different. It doesn't. I've only played the first 3 or 4 maps but the game feels exactly like all the others. Same spells, same weapons, same skills, same storyline. I'll play the free portion and be happy. I like playing the mage (Agent/Infiltrator) character and with the spells all being the same, there is no reason to replay Geneforge. Been there, done that.

I'm glad some folks tolerate this rehash. I just can't see paying for anything that is 90% repetitive in structure.

Dhruin February 7th, 2007 00:08

*shrug* I had a great time and that's all that counts for my dollar.

Lethal Weapon February 7th, 2007 00:09

Maybe I was lucky I didn't have the chance to play any of the previous titles. I'm enjoying the game enormously so far, especially the nonlinear gameplay which is hard to find these days.

txa1265 February 7th, 2007 00:11


Originally Posted by Dhruin (Post 18753)
*shrug* I had a great time and that's all that counts for my dollar.

I'm with you on that … I liken it to any other series that only gradually changes - Final Fantasy, the PSP Legend of Heroes series, and so on. You are getting many similar things, but the experience goes beyond just what is on the face - it is the execution of story and character and interaction. And I like what Jeff has done … but I think it is important that everyone have the chance to assess it themself and make an informed decision.

Dhruin February 7th, 2007 01:33

I agree - everyone has different standards and requirements - and Jeff always provides a generous demo.

Perhaps I misunderstand crpgnut - or perhaps we just think very differently - but time is my most important resource by far. I'm an average middle income guy who has to be a little careful to pay all the bills but the $29 is still chump change compared to the limited time I have. I can't really get my head around liking the game enough to spend the hours on the large demo but then balking at the $29.

Beyond that, you just can't find this broad style anywhere else. Perhaps NWN2 has some of the dialogue depth and Gothic 3 has some of the factional play but nothing is made these days that brings it together. Since I like that type of CRPG, a little repetition over a few years' span is well worth it for the new story and situations.

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