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txa1265 February 6th, 2007 19:26

Do you own a gaming console?
OK - just as the title indicates, this is a poll of who owns gaming consoles.

I'm trying to make it a fairly in-depth poll, so I will look at who has the new 'next gen' consoles, compared to previous gen, and older consoles. These are not handhelds, but 'TV hook-ups'.

dteowner February 6th, 2007 19:29

None yet, but I expect the Wild Dogs will demand one at some point in the near future.

titus February 6th, 2007 19:30

Nope all Pc gaming for me, although I do a little gaming on the PS2 when I'm with my girlfriend, who has one
edit: I do have the first nintendo, but don't use it

txa1265 February 6th, 2007 19:31

Hehe … you guys are *quick* … and I got caught on my own poll. We have a GameCube and Wii … I have played a bunch of hours, but all 'family time'. I have had Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance for the 'Cube for ~3 years or so but haven't gotten ~25% into it!

Sorcha Ravenlock February 6th, 2007 20:11

We have a PS2, but it hardly gets played. I can't see us getting a PS3 at all, the PS library is very unappealing to us, with hindsight we should have never gotten the PS2 at all.
I don't care much for the Wii either, the only console that does have some things going for it is the Xbox 360, IMHO. But I can't see us getting that in the near future either… we are PC gamers, it seems :)

Asbjoern February 6th, 2007 20:28

Well, I still have an old Super Nintendo, but I don't use it any longer. I'm actually quite interested in the Wii, but it is mainly because of Twilight Princess, which I'm quite dying to play.

But except the occasional interesting game like Twilight Princess and Mass Effect, I'm not into console gaming. I will always prefer my computer, but often some games (like the aboe mentioned) aren't released for PC, which is a shame.

Regards Asbjørn

txa1265 February 6th, 2007 21:02


Originally Posted by Asbjoern (Post 18720)
I'm actually quite interested in the Wii, but it is mainly because of Twilight Princess

See - that is the hilarious thing with me … we have the Wii and have Twilight Princess … but I've not even touched it (Zelda) yet …

But Wii Sports is a real blast. I know that more hardcore console gamers have burned out on it, but for our family it is great and will continue to entertain for quite a while!

Jaz February 6th, 2007 21:48

My little console farm: I have an Atari 2600, a SNES, PSOne, XBox, and XBox 360. Out of these, the Atari and PSOne are mothballed while the rest is (still) in use - the XBox the most, mainly because it's also hooked up to our media server, and because it runs all those emulators.
I gave away my Sega Genesis, Dreamcast, Amiga and NES as well as hubby's C64, but I can emulate them on the XBox, and sometimes I do, expecially the Genesis.

I also have a Game Boy, a mothballed Amstrad PCW, and an old P3 which runs Win98 but which will have to go once I get a virtual machine to run on my current computer; these are not consoles, but I wanted to add them for completeness' sake because they serve(d) as gaming platforms.

I hear the Wii whisper 'buy me, buy me' each time I pass it, but so far I could resist the temptation. I didn't dare to unpack our store demo of Twilight Princess yet, for I know I'd have to have a Wii then.

Asbjoern February 6th, 2007 21:52

Yeah, and that is exactly the great thing about the Wii. You get to interact with others and experience gaming with others in real life so to speak. But in solitude the Wii remote is also quite sufficient.

Regards Asbjørn

magerette February 6th, 2007 21:53

The only console that ever darkened my doors was a Sega something--Genesis?--I bought for my son and I played with it a lot less than I played with his Castle Greyskull, which would be pretty much not at all. ;)

xSamhainx February 6th, 2007 22:03

Xbox is the only active machine running, tho I have an old Playstation tucked away somewhere. I do plan on replaying Resident Evil #1&2 someday. Wish that I still had a Nintendo, Ive been seriously jonesing for both Super Mario Bros and Ghosts and Goblins for like a year now.

Jaz February 6th, 2007 22:05

There are SNES emulators for the 'box, too. You should own the ROMs, of course.

Cormac February 7th, 2007 00:24

XBox 360 and a PS2 which I bought last year. Also a Nintendo DS.

Alrik Fassbauer February 7th, 2007 02:07

Sorry, but I had to vote "Yoda", because I don't have a console, but I plan to buy one, one day.

@txa1265 Maybe you could add this answer option as well (if possible) ?

dteowner February 7th, 2007 02:08

No he can't, because then I'd have to change my vote. ;)

Alrik Fassbauer February 7th, 2007 02:12

I've noted your irony ;) but was only referring to the pure technical aspect. I actually don't know whether this forum allows to add answering options ater making a poll.

Corwin February 7th, 2007 03:16

I think my feelings about consoles are rather well known!! :)

Danicek February 7th, 2007 09:47

No, I don't have one. And I don't plan to buy one. I'm not saying I will never buy one, I don't think I'll but opinions change so often.

Dhruin February 7th, 2007 11:48

Don't have one, don't really plan to have one. But who knows?

Myrthos February 7th, 2007 13:28

I have an Xbox that I occasionally use to play one of those games I own and never played before (and most likely never will due to time constraints).

I also have an XBox 360 with a single game… Viva Pinata…. and only two persons actively using it…. my two kids :)

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