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skavenhorde March 23rd, 2011 05:03

Mount&Blade - With Fire and Sword Review @ Gamebanshee
Brother None was able to get his hands on a press demo for Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword. Here is his two page preview from playing the demo:

Noting that my experience with the game was limited due to multiplayer being inaccessible and the level capping off - locking me off of the additions to siege works and multiplayer - my main concern about With Fire & Sword lies in the question of how much it actually adds to the experience. Mount & Blade has an active and creative modding community, who have long since added firearms to the game and have provided an assortment of alternate total conversions and multiplayer gameplay mode mods for Mount & Blade and Mount & Blade: Warband. Warband had the advantage of adding multiplayer, but With Fire & Sword doesn't shoot for any such game-changing alterations. It will no doubt be worth it for hardcore fans - such as your humble author. For others, just adding guns and grenades is a bit underwhelming considering the potential of the setting's era. This is a bit constrained because of the region, but when I think of transporting Mount & Blade into the 17th century, I think of opening up political machinations on the story side and massive ship battles on the battle side. Considering the potential, I can't help but feel that With Fire & Sword just might underwhelm.
More information.

skavenhorde March 23rd, 2011 05:07

Not really impressed with this expansion. I was hoping for something with more substance. Plus, I love my bows.

Tragos March 23rd, 2011 08:59

I will not buy it , i am totally uninterested in mount & blade updates where horse archers are not dominating.

wiretripped March 23rd, 2011 11:53

I'm sharing the general sentiment. Not impressed at all.
I really like M&B, but I'm thinking this is one to skip…

vanedor March 23rd, 2011 12:43

I'm a big fan of Mount and Blade.. this is probably one of the games I played for the longest period with Dominion 2&3. I would have loved an expansion that made the game feel more alive, with more interaction, more mission. So much could be done to improve the game even more. But changing the period of the game does not appeal to me at all.

screeg March 23rd, 2011 14:34

Wish someone would use, or imitate, the fighting style and sandbox world of M&B with an RPG style plot. Even a paper thin one would do. Maybe with some Thief type options and a medium sized city. No cutscenes, no voice actors, no saving the world, just gameplay.

txa1265 March 23rd, 2011 17:39

After the first expansion I am pretty tired of M&B … have a review copy available, but not sure if I am willing to spend the time …

curious March 23rd, 2011 18:08

you know its call fire and sword not just fire. besides there's an entire new world and battlefields to explore. completely different architecture. also just because it has guns in it doesn't mean you have to use them. there's plenty of bow screenshots. for example shogun 2 has guns as well though its an option to get them for the most part as they come very late game unless you let "the west" establish its influence in your clan.

lack of enthusiam is fine towards the larger devs but failing to stand beyond the smaller indie devs despite their flaws will most assureadly lead to you being stuck with al EA games.

mods do not create games by the way
any more than blogs create journalism

remove the funding from both and your left
with ultimate choice--allthewhile meaningless, shallow piles of nothing

Alrik Fassbauer March 23rd, 2011 20:41


Originally Posted by curious (Post 1061058599)
mods do not create games by the way
any more than blogs create journalism

I don't know about your second statement (in my vew, it should rather read : "any more than blogs create stories" - from a writer's perspective), but regarding your first statement I must say that I hold a theory for several years now saying that stories are often created by creative writers - not by technicians.

Nerevarine March 23rd, 2011 21:23

I agree with your overall sentiment Curious, and we need more innovative developers like Taleworlds to achieve success. However, even as a huge M&B fan, I am not very excited about this expansion. It appears to simply be too much of the same thing, and after spending 100+ hours on the original and also in Warband, I don't think I'll be able to get into "more of the same." This is especially true given that there are some aspects of the game that need some fleshing out; going to a new setting without improving the game doesn't seem like it's worth it to me, as much as it pains me to say that about a series that I greatly enjoy. On-foot melee combat needs a serious overhaul as well; the "invincible, unbreakable blocking" (even without a shield!!) and limited feel of realistic swing impact makes fighting while not on horseback extremely dull.

Brother None March 23rd, 2011 21:35


Originally Posted by curious (Post 1061058599)
also just because it has guns in it doesn't mean you have to use them.

You pretty much do, though. Not personally, but having them in your troop is a good idea. They're too powerful to ignore, and it's not like you can avoid gun-wielding opponents. Even bandits have them.


Originally Posted by curious (Post 1061058599)
lack of enthusiam is fine towards the larger devs but failing to stand beyond the smaller indie devs despite their flaws will most assureadly lead to you being stuck with al EA games.

Man I love TaleWorlds and like with many indies have a stack of articles published on GB for their titles, but they don't get a free ride. WF&S - based on a short demo - underwhelms, and I'm not going to tell people otherwise.

I enjoyed the heck out of M&B but like I said, if you're not a hardcore fan I don't see the draw. There's too little new stuff. The whole process of levelling up, recruiting an army, fulfilling quests is way too similar. The engine could see better use, as suggested in this thread.

curious March 23rd, 2011 22:02

maybe not an initial release buy is understandable but with their other two releaseses they've issued countless patches that add significant gameplay to the games. i'm primarily referring to warband where you had the obility to own and operate businesses. for me its been well over six months since playing warband so i guess i'm also biased in that more of the same is further away.

all of the sentimants i can respect it just felt a little too negative that i wanted to chime in…

Tragos March 24th, 2011 09:13

Talewordls not only releases patches but they add content in them , lots of content other developers would have sell as dlc .
They do care about their product and they are striving to improve it , problem is that #1 thing in the game is the combat , specially mounted combat … multiplayer made it totally shit and now they are adding guns and a main quest ?
There is a pistol and shooting animations in original m&b but very few people like it and most of the mods ignore it , if we liked pistols we would play FO:NV or something.
#2 thing in the game is the sandbox feeling not having to follow stupid quest chains , not to please anyone just siege kill and move forward . The game is enough of an aRPG already , it didn't need more "elements" bullshit .

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