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Zaleukos March 24th, 2011 19:29

Practical hardware requirements
I havent gotten the game yet, and I am curious about whether it's worth buying before I upgrade my system (which handled DAO splendidly but is below the recommended specs). What kind of machines are you guys running the game on?

I'm most interested in the worst hardware that the game is playable on.

Dasale March 24th, 2011 21:02

The official minimal requirements for DA2 are quite close to those of DAO. But my feeling is it performs a bit less well than DAO. At least it was until I changed my video card, now I hardly notice any difference but don't use the high res textures.

I wonder what are your spec? And have you tried the demo? I think it's a good hint and even if it's an older version than the full game, for bottom down config it will be a fairly good test. If you feel the demo is too slow or very close to the limit, I doubt the full game will satisfy you.

Ovenall March 24th, 2011 21:33

Yeah, try the demo. I play on an aging machine (though I do have 4GB RAM) and it runs smoothly in Medium settings.

Zaleukos March 24th, 2011 21:47

Thanks for the replies.

I'd forgotten about the demo. Downloading it now.

My 2006 rig is a P4 3.0GHz, 2GB of RAM, and a radeon 5670 GPU. The original DAO ran very well except for the load times.

Dasale March 24th, 2011 22:01

My computer is also close to 2006 but if I remember well I bought it only in 2007 even if it's a model from 2006.

I have an Intel Xeon dual core 3Ghz, 2Gb ram, Radeon HD 5770. I had right before a Radeon X1900. With the 5770 it's very fine but with the X1900 It was just from good to ok in the demo. Also now I play on Mac which should be slower but with 4Gb ram and it runs very well too.

According to this thread your graphic card should be fine:

The CPU non dual core could be the problem. Try the demo if it is very good this should be fine. For load time I feel DA2 improved that significantly.

EDIT: And take care the minimal OS is XP 32bit with SP3, it's the system I used when I played the demo and a part of the full game on Windows.

Zaleukos March 24th, 2011 22:34

The first two battles in the demo were pretty smooth on medium settings. It seems like the game is playable on my rig.:)

Dasale March 24th, 2011 22:48


Originally Posted by Zaleukos (Post 1061059027)
The first two battles in the demo were pretty smooth on medium settings. It seems like the game is playable on my rig.:)

Good but play until the town and navigate a lot the camera there to see how it behaves, it's more safe. :)

Zaleukos March 24th, 2011 22:53

I will, but I dont have the time for more testing tonight. EDIT: The demo runs smoothly in it's entirety. Smoother than my current DAO replay…

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