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Dhruin February 8th, 2007 20:58

Silverfall - Interview @ GameZone
GameZone has an interview with Project Manager Jehanne Rousseau on Silverfall:

Question: What do you consider to be the prime ingredients of a good RPG and how does Silverfall fit those parameters?
Jehanne: Silverfall is above all a hack-and-slash game, which includes a heavy dose of action, a complex progression system, and as usual, numerous items to collect during the game. With these elements, we did all that we could to stick to the genre, while also going a little beyond the usual since we further developed a progression system which is based on skills and not classes. But with this balanced and fun combination, we also added elements from more story-driven RPGs, such as the companions, numerous side quests, and the choice between nature and technology, so that the universe would be the most coherent, the storyline as complex as possible, and the game experience the most immersive.
More information.

araczynski February 8th, 2007 20:58

i'm really looking forward to this one, if the game is well made i could really see myself playing through it 3 times, once for the middle of the road approach, and then focusing on either tech or nature to see how the world turns out.

graphics looked nice, i like how the chars looked on screen in comparison to the game world, nice mix. reminded me of that zelda stencil look thrown into a 3d world.

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