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Xanlosch76 May 6th, 2011 14:25

DKS: Stones Fortress and generators
Hello @all,

iīm just playing the Dragon Knight Saga and made my way to Stones Flying Fortress. Now I encounterd a problem. According to all of the maps available there should be the first generator in the first compound after the entry (reachable as a human). But the place where the generator should be is empty. First I thought I destroyed it accidently but the shield is still in place.

Are the generators in DKS in a different place then in Ego Draconis? Or is it a bug?

Please help because that way I canīt rech Stone.

Thanks for help.

Alrik Fassbauer May 6th, 2011 20:48

Nice : You name yourself after Larian forum member Xanlosch after which the character of Divinity 2 is named ! :lol:

And Stone is a forum member there, too … ;)

DeepO May 7th, 2011 19:22


Originally Posted by Xanlosch76 (Post 1061067531)
Are the generators in DKS in a different place then in Ego Draconis? Or is it a bug?

Havenīt played Ego Draconis but from what I know most of the generators/anti-dragon shields were removed in DKS.
From what I remember of Stoneīs fortress, you should be able to get into the shielded area on foot, via one of the teleporters. Thatīs where you encounter, um, Xanlosch (cutscene included, iirc) and thatīs where the generator is.
Alternatively, you might try to dragon drop into the area (fly over the shield and change into human mid-air), but Iīd use it only as last resort.

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