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Dhruin May 15th, 2011 08:44

Dungeon Siege 3 - Previews @ IGN, Games On Net
Dungeon Siege III has been previewed at IGN in short video form, with explanations from a very young-sounding woman. Thanks, Zohaib.
In other news, Games On Net also has a preview, although the author certainly doesn't agree with the direction Obsidian has taken:

The game's pre-written characters are interesting for the most part when taken on their own (although it's hard not to cringe at the absurd levels of cleavage on display) but the problem is that they are pre-written: you feel like you're simply acting out somebody else's lines. When I play Mass Effect I'm my Shepard, but here in Dungeon Siege III I'm just Reinhart, a pretty snappy wizard whose personality is… well, he's a snappy wizard. This is hardly unusual for the "action RPG" genre: Dungeon Siege as a series bears a lot of mechanical similarities to, say, Diablo, except that in Diablo you're just "the sorcerer" and everybody expects you to burst into flames rather than conversation.
The counter-argument to that is of course "isn't it better to have some RPG elements than none at all?" For my money, no: while it's true that in Diablo your characters have no personality at all, nobody expects them to and nobody complains when they don't. Here in Dungeon Siege III the personalities of the characters feel tacked-on, the conversation choices feel irrelevant, and the inter-party dynamics lack the richness of Obsidian's other efforts. In many ways Dungeon Siege III is the opposite of Obisidian's efforts in Alpha Protocol, where the mechanics and execution were sloppy, but the roleplaying elements were layered and complex. Here the shallow roleplaying ontop of a deep series of combat mechanics just feels false and unnecessary, which is in many ways worse than feeling nothing at all.
More information.

borcanu May 15th, 2011 08:44

This sounds bad.
Somehow you can't play a certain class, with the personality you want.
So you kind of play with all of them :)) to cover the gameplay and dialog.
But the problem is that some control would be nice. No personality is that rigid.
Heh, maybe the reviewer got it wrong ~_~, playing puppet isn't that great.

As for Diablo, yeah, man it sucked to play that bland character, I enjoyed so much each time he actually said something, like "I must be getting close". But hell, to each his own.

PS in Diablo 2, you could see a bit of personality in some of them. The arrogant intellectual Paladin. The cool dark unethical Necro.

Damian Mahadevan May 15th, 2011 12:42

I dont get the big deal i didnt really play 1&2 for the branching story either.

DoctorNarrative May 15th, 2011 16:23

If you're playing this for anything other than clicky-clicky action combat and Obsidian's awesome storytelling you're doing something wrong.

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