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Dhruin February 23rd, 2007 16:46

ES4: Shivering Isles - Interview @ Pro-G
Pete Hines has spoken to Pro-G about Elder Scrolls and the Shivering Isles expansion in an interview posted a day or so ago, which we overlooked initially because the same site also had a preview. The headline is "Bethesda Open to Making Elder Scrolls MMO" but there isn't much to the actual quote:

Pro-G: With the success of World of Warcraft, have you ever considered The Elder Scrolls online?
PH: We get asked that a lot. The problem is that they are very different experiences. If you play Oblivion then everything you do in the world is about permanence - the world literally revolves around you. I finished that quest, it stays finished and if I kill someone he stays dead. With MMOs anything you do in World of Warcraft can be done by someone else two minutes later. That guy is going to respawn two minutes later and that other guy still needs a trinket even though you just gave it to him. Certainly, there's a chance, it's something we've talked about, but it's not anywhere in our immediate future. I don't think we could do an MMO unless it was with some fresh idea that no one has ever tried before.
More information.

araczynski February 23rd, 2007 16:46

"I don't think we could do an MMO unless it was with some fresh idea that no one has ever tried before."

boy, last time i checked, is there ANY mmo out there right now that has ANY fresh ideas? he's making it sound like the current mmo's are just amazing and have used up all the innovation that consumers can handle and developers can imagine.

guenthar February 23rd, 2007 20:01

I think he was meaning that someone in Bethesda came up with a fresh idea that made them want to do an online game. There was one MMO that had alot of fresh ideas and was in development for a long time until the company disappeared. That game was called Archarean and I'll list a few of the things they were doing.

They were going to have everyone in one gigantic world by using a very large cluster of computers connected together.
They were going to have a very unique death system where you can either wander around as a ghost and wait for someone to bring you back or go to the realm of death and live there or even take on quests to restore you to life.
You would be able to do anything including get married and have children and grow old and have one of your children take your place.
They were going to try to make it as realistic s possible.

Here is a description from gamespy

Archaean is a totally new game concept trying to create a new type of online environment called MOW - Massive Online World. It will be somewhat like MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game), but with distinct differences. The main difference will be freedom. The freedom of choice, to do what ever the player wishes, within set natural laws. It will not require combat at all, the player could just as well live a life as an alchemist or farmer. But, on the other hand, the world will be filled to the brim with creatures to pick a fight with. Players will be able to play evil races as well, so the limits are endless when it comes to dungeon-hacking since the Orc around the corner actually could be another player. It will be set in a beautiful fantasy-setting with rich history and breath-taking environments. All features of a real world will be there, including the standard ones such as every type of weather imaginable and fixed seasons. The world will be change-able and destructible, as well as buildable. Cut down trees, dig a hole and build your own house or dungeon. The freedom is the main reason why we make Archaean, to start off a new era of online environments.

PS. If Betheda did and online game this is probably something like they would do.

xSamhainx February 24th, 2007 19:55

i like the "realm of death" thing, that sounds pretty cool. Death is almost meaningless in games today.

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