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Dhruin June 18th, 2011 07:52

The Witcher 2 - X360 Interview @ VG247
CDPR's Tomasz Gop has been interviewed by VG247 about bringing The Witcher 2 to the X360, as well as some general questions on the industry:

Onto more general RPG stuff. Whatís your take on the general state of choice in RPGs? Do you think choice in a lot of games is too toothless Ė that itís gentle so as to make sure players donít miss out on anything?
I always have trouble comparing CD Projekt to different developers. Weíve always been confident in what weíre doing and the way weíre approaching what weíre doing. I can tell you that we know how we want to handle this. We want to hint at players that there might be a branch in the storyline Ė that a different outcome depends on certain elements in the game when you meet them. But we donít think itís Ė hmm, how to put this Ė we donít think itís fair to give out everything. To make people feel spoonfed or anything like that. Weíre not the kind of game that does that, and I donít see us as ever doing that. So I donít think itís going to happen to the Witcher franchise.
More information.

Melvil June 18th, 2011 07:52

yes, leave something to the player's imagination!

borcanu June 18th, 2011 08:28

thats what i first thought while playing.
You know what would be even better, not to give any hints of the branching, all the cutscenes and action and sounds to move so smoothly, that you'd vhave to think this was my only option, and to later find out, wow WOW.
Its a bit annoying being faced with a big decision announced by alot of signs, if not a confirmation dialog, being able to save the game and so on.
We need regrets if we're gonna replay it. And you hardly give us any. DS3 fails here badly, i feel that i can make "the right choice" in any situation.
As well as completed quests, you shouldn't be able to complete even 60% of the quests in one playthrough (thats why diablo 1 was so great at it.)

Couchpotato June 18th, 2011 10:14

I'm wondering if Microsoft will allow the nudity in the game. Remember they pulled a few XBL games for being to frank.

Thaurin June 18th, 2011 15:53

Personally, I hate feeling regret in games. I rarely replay games, there are enough to play as it is. And if I feel I've missed out on something, I don't feel good about that. I understand how it enriches the game, but in that case I would always try to play to get the most interesting course of events. I know, I'm different here than most people. But sometimes I think these people play 5 hours a day each day and are able to complete 40 hour games in a matter of a month.

lostforever June 18th, 2011 20:22

There was time when I used to hate not getting the "right" choice or missing something due to a bad choice etc but I have "grown" out of that now and play the game as it comes. I find that I enjoy these games even more now.

The problem is, what is "right" for you is not really "right" for someone else (the devs etc). So if devs try to lead you towards the "right" choice, someone somewhere will be disappointed. So I think its up to the gamer to play the games as they and try not to "game" the game!

Having said all that, I still try to power game and looking back I think it does ruin me enjoying these games but I can't stop myself:lol:

I too don't replay a game. In fact I have never replayed a game (unless a new mod adds new story etc). I don't have lot of spare time. If I am lucky, I may get about 10 - 15 hours per week to play a game.

aries100 June 18th, 2011 21:13

As I understand, the game, Witcher 2, for Xbox 360, has already been rated? so to Mature rating (or 18+ for most of Europe) still stands, I believe. And isnt' the nudity in the gaming somewhat sparesome, I mean, so far, the only nudity I've seen (from the previews) is naked Triss showing full frontal nudity e.g. nipples.

If this is not a problem for the ESRB i.e. given Witcher 2 a Mature rating, why then would it be a problem for Microsoft?

KapitanUnterhosen June 18th, 2011 22:42

Nipples, ass, bush, missionary, doggy-style, cowgirl, reverse-cowgirl with Triss, Ves, a succubi, an elf and a variety of hookers.

Wonder why nobody threw a hissy fit about it when they freaked out over the bioware "love scenes".

aries100 June 18th, 2011 23:28

Probably because -ahem- CD Project RED is a European Studio - and probably also because Bioware took the first initial beatings by, among others Fox News. Bioware then, sort of opened the doors, for games rated M or 18+, to include 'partial nude' or 'nude' content as these games were deemed fit to sell to mature e.g. adult gamers over the age of 17+ or 18+ .

Also, probably because the PEGI rating system functions a little bit different than the ESR rating system. If nipples, for instance, is seen in a scene (briefly) or genitalia are seen (briefly) in a scene, the game does not get a sexual content warning. As you see here
http://www.pegi.info/en/index/global…ring=witcher+2 Witcher 2
(only) gets rating for bad language and violence, admittedly sexual violence. I wonder what sexual violence is? Is it because you can do combat with the naked and nude succubus?

The Pegi content and assessment form can actually be downloaded from Pegi's site:


If you download it, this is what you will learn:


The depiction of ‘boobs and bottoms’ or pubic hair only will not be treated as visible sexual organs.
And as I understand in both Witcher 1, and Witcher 2, this is the case.

Couchpotato June 18th, 2011 23:28

Yes people for the PC but remember the consoles have different rules and standards. As I Said Microsoft pulled a few games in the US for being to offensive. Its probably different in Europe. We will see I guess but I already finished the PC version twice.

Bigger audience and I can see the hissy fit coming since its on consoles with more coverage.

DoctorNarrative June 19th, 2011 00:30

I was under the impression MS does not care as long as you secure an M rating. I could be wrong though, I don't really pay attention to Xbox news.

Ovenall June 19th, 2011 00:49

I've been playing L.A. Noire on Xbox, and there's full nudity. Of course, so far the nudes were corpses, and considering the idiotic fascist-puritanical nature of the USA, "violent, bloody dead nudity" will probably be allowed but "people enjoying themselves" nudity will be banned.

We'll see.

KapitanUnterhosen June 19th, 2011 22:44


Originally Posted by aries100 (Post 1061075949)
Witcher 2 (only) gets rating for bad language and violence, admittedly sexual violence. I wonder what sexual violence is? Is it because you can do combat with the naked and nude succubus?

You see the beginning of a rape scene, involves groping naked tits etc

joxer June 20th, 2011 15:56

The most disturbing news today:
Tomasz Gop left CD Project Red.


DArtagnan June 20th, 2011 15:57

I didn't see that one coming.

DeepO June 20th, 2011 16:24

What the fuck.

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