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Alrik Fassbauer June 20th, 2011 13:17

Under The Coppermoon - TDE strategy for so-called "Smartphones"
Hello, everyone,

there has been a short notice in a publication on the newest TDE game : It's a strategy game called "Under the Coppermoon" made for so-called "smartphones" - for iPhone an for Android, to be exact.

It will be "in 3 parts" and "turn-based" and "for a group of heroes plus supporting units".

According to the Admin of the forums of Chromatrix (this is still the license holder of TDE video games of any kind) this game wonÄ't be ported to the PC.

But there is a very, very, very vague hint towards a possibly other strategy game for the PC … ;)

There could be a hint towards it on the next RatCon - which is still THE TDE convention here in Germany …

Under the coppermoon is scheduled to be released "within this year".
And if I understand it correctly, it will incorporate TDE rules as well.

The aventurian bachground to this game is that the Orks are planning a war - or rather : one particular Ork has found a more-than-ancient artifact which looks like a very big round plate made of copper - which could be the "coppermoon" of the game's title.

This artifact is rumored to give access (through magic or through orkish shamanic rites, I don't know; or even through both) to the ghosts or/and spirits of long-dead aventurian Orks - which this particular Ork named Ursdarak 'with the cold eyes' wants to "use" as "soldiers" in battles.

The result is a threat of acertain area of Aventuria through this Ork and his minions".

Copper (mostly in roundish shapes), by the way, is also kind of a "holy sign" of all aventurian Orks - it's closely related to their 2-3 main gods.

This artifact is called "The Moon Of Tarrakvash" (yes, with sh in the German name and unlike the sch combination which would be the usual replacement for the English sh). It was found only recently by this Ork in a cave - in collaboration with evil dwarves, the so-called "Gauntdwarves" (my translation of the "Finsterzwerge") which live in a mountain range called "Finsterkamm" (trying to translate it as "Gauntcomb") which have a king called Bonderik.

The artifact is said to be connected with Tairach, the first god of the Orks, who was later slain by his son named Brazoragh.

Ursdarak believes the artifact - which stems from pre-orkish times - has a connection to Tairach's "realm", in which he believes the old "ghosts" or/and "sprits" of the old Orks who worshipped Tairach when he was still kind of "alive" (according to the Orks) to be.

(Which sounds much like a "Globule" to me. So-called "Globules" are rare, but known to exist. The main plot of "Philleasson's Secret" takes place in a very different "globule", for example.)

So far, that's all I know.


Alrik Fassbauer December 27th, 2012 16:10

It is renamed into "Blutmond" ("Bloodmoon") now.

joxer January 4th, 2013 13:54

The dark eye - on smartphones?
I'm not buying, sorry. If they want me to buy something on a smartphone, the best option is to port Drakensang. I'd buy it instantly.

They can't make Drakensang on smartphone? How's that even possible, I mean, aren't smartphones modern holy grails and PCgaming killers?

wolfing January 4th, 2013 14:55

sounds interesting to me. As long as it's not 'free'. I've downloaded a few 'free' strategy games for my Android phone and they all suck. They're more like 'Farmville with castles' than real strategy games.

joxer January 4th, 2013 16:16

wolf, those "free" games are all frauds ment to abuse kids who click/touch everything without reading and are not aware that they've just activated a transaction on your credit card you'll get mad with when you receive the next bill.

IMO f2p and similar con models should be declared illegal in every single case where a "free" application contains a payment option/store inside it. Maybe I'm wrong, but I bet "free" software companies are rarely registered for trading. Which in the end means they're practising an international taxfree money loundry business.
And I don't mean only the plague on smartphones, but also nonsmartphone MMOs.
Hopefully, the biggest con artist in the world: Zynga, won't close it's offices only in Japan (end of this month) nor will discontinue only a few disgusting games (IIRC Mafia Wars 2, Treasure Isle, PetVille and FishVille).

Alrik Fassbauer January 4th, 2013 22:53

The Drakensang developers are no more. Bigfish bought them out of insolvency. The dev company claims that too few people bought Drakensang - especially internationally.

And, by the way, there's a new table top game being developed for TDE : "Schicksalspfade" : http://www.ulisses-spiele.de/sortime…hicksalspfade/

No idea if and when it is ported into other languages, though.

Besides, rumors tell about a sequel to "Satinav's Chains".

The current biggest TDE product is Herokon, though; it is an MMORPG programmed in Flash.
It's currently in Open Beta.

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