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purpleblob June 23rd, 2011 12:27

Where do you get English version on CD/DVD?
Ok, I looked through their website and when I clicked on "buy now" it took me to German website. I can't read German =.= I don't want to download it on steam (I hate it) so can someone please tell me how can I obtained hard copy of english version? I think I will skip Dark Eye and go straight to River of Time.

Alrik Fassbauer June 23rd, 2011 14:12

Look at Amazon & Ebay UK, for example.


You could also read here : http://forum.dtp-entertainment.com/v…?f=223&t=16889

JDR13 June 23rd, 2011 21:36

Ebay Australia has multiple vendors selling both games.


purpleblob June 24th, 2011 00:02

Awesome. Thanx for that. I hope it's good *fingers crossed*

Gorath June 24th, 2011 03:59

Nothing to worry. It's a great game, probably one of the best of its kind in the last decade. Unfortunately DraSa: RoT will be the last slow paced party RPG with a reasonable budget for the next couple of years.

The Dark Eye is the ruleset btw. So there is no skipping it.

DraSa: The River of Time is the prequel to Drakensang. So there's no problem playing the new game first. It might even be the preferable order because you don't know which characters have to survive because they appear in Drakensang.
You can go back (or rather forward in time) to Drakensang without a problem. It's the same game minus a dozen notable improvements.

purpleblob July 18th, 2011 04:37

Finally got my copy! Glad to see manual in it too. I had a quick read of it, and the combat sounds so complicated.. may need help in near future >.>

Nerevarine July 18th, 2011 07:01


Originally Posted by purpleblob (Post 1061081477)
Finally got my copy! Glad to see manual in it too. I had a quick read of it, and the combat sounds so complicated.. may need help in near future >.>

Don't worry too much about that; it seems intimidating at first, but it doesn't take too long to get the hang of it. The maner in which combat functions is similar in concept to Dn'D RPGs, so that helps lessen the learning curve.

I think that I like the Dark Eye ruleset - as used in Drakensang + RoT - better than the Dn'D ruleset. Anyone else feel that way? For me, it just seemed to make more sense and felt more natural, as if if was better-suited for CRPGs. I can't really put my finger on why it felt this way, as both systems were originally created for pen & paper RPGs, so maybe there's just something about TDE that I simply found more appealing for some reason.

Alrik Fassbauer July 18th, 2011 10:50

TDE - the The Dark Eye rule set - was conceived by a few people who had been translating D&D into German language as well - and did a few other fantasy-related projects, too.

The rules set has gone through quite an evolution - the far biggest break was that towards the the edition, which is used in Drakensang, and which was updated several years ago as the 4.1 edition.

Drakensang uses a slightly modified rules set to make he game more accessible for computers/video gaming.

Right now, only the 4th edition is available in English language (as a book), but it seems to be scarce and difficult to come by. You might have perhaps the best luck with Benelux-based shops, although I've also seen a few rare speciments of the basic rules book on German conventions as well.

Edit : It doesn't seem to be as scarce as I thought : http://www.amazon.com/Dark-Eye-Basic…0978329&sr=8-1

Edit : Uk is cheaper, I think : http://www.amazon.co.uk/Dark-Eye-RPG…0985895&sr=8-1

The greatest drawback is, however, that only very, very few books have been translated into the English language at all.
I fear that the company is just too small to be able to afford it. Someone else would have to do it.

My personl opinion - and this is really my personal opinion - is that that TDE is more foused on hat I call "social interaction" or "social role playing" than (A)D&D.
There are a lot more skills in that direction, as far as I know - but I must admit that I haven't had an (A)D&D rule books in the last years, since they aren't cheap here, and I didn't have much of a willing to buy one so far.

Last, the 4th edition has one point which is eiher hated or loved : Its complexity. The rules set has become very, very complex - and that especially in the areas of a) combat and b) magic.
There are most certainly fans, "number crunchers", who just love this complexity, and defend it wholeheartedly.
A lot of others, however, battle its complexity because they believe that its complexity makes the system unaccessible for the masses (read "masses" with a grain of salt, because "masses" isn't a really great number, since the German market regarding pen & paper RPGs is actually very small, and there are quite a *lot* of different systems competing for an audience !) and especially for newbies.

This is quite imilar to the battle of those who just love the Dark Fantasy aspects of TDE (the "Black Lands", which will soon transform into the "Shadow Lands" with an upcoming descriptions book), which was introduced into the system around 1997/1998/1999, and which is therefore favoured mostly by those who came later to the system and the world of Aventuria, and those of the older generations, who still remember TDE's Fairy Tale aspect and would like to have the "Old Times" back (and not so much Dark Fantasy anyway).

purpleblob July 21st, 2011 00:54

Did I mention that I'm hopeless? I'm so lost with levelling system. So I've recieved some points…. and now I got this level up icon next to my portrait. I'm completely confused now it works. Can't believe I can't even level up >.>

Otherwise, I liked the feel of game so far. So many different classes! I've chosen charlatan and I'm yet to figure out abilities. I heard they can cast spells? So in DnD sense, what are they like? Rogue/Mage? Since charlatans are good looking (and good talkers?) hope I can get lots out of story.

I find interface a bit clunky. Not as smooth as I had hoped. English translation/voice acting is not fantastic but quite good :p

Alrik Fassbauer July 21st, 2011 11:14

Do a right -click on every item that is of interest to you !

For completing a level-up, you must explicitely confirm your distribution of points by clocking on the completing symbol (the seal) !

A Scharlatan is … well, in Aventuria, a Scharlatan is an magiian who broke off his study at an academy, or who has never had enough "mgical bility" to become a full fledge magician.

A Scharlatan is usually practically some sort of … busker, jester, imposter, con-man, street-performer, sort of.

The best representation of a Schartlatan can be found in the novel "Der Scharlatan", which has been translated into the English language as "The Charlatan" - with an horrible book cover, by the way : http://www.amazon.com/Realms-Arkania…1239388&sr=8-8

It has been written by Ulrich Kiesow, one of the three founders of TDE (he died in 1997, if I remember correctly).

Gorath July 22nd, 2011 19:50

The most important things are:

1. Right-click on everything. The game explains many of the used formulae.
2. Spellcasters can't wear metal.
3. Every char has to be able to hold his own in combat. You will be surrounded quite often. Everybody must contribute something, whatever it is.
4. Specialize.

Detailed understanding of the character system will come later. At least to a certain point. (Drakensang uses only ca. 25% of the DSA system!)

Alrik Fassbauer July 22nd, 2011 22:43

You can read the most basic topics here : http://www.chromatrix.com/html/tde-games.html

Navigate through the menu there on the left side.

The red words there are of course links !

Zloth July 25th, 2011 03:08

As Gorath said, specialize - especially with chit chat. There's no need to have two people who are excellent in Fast Talk, for example.

What's the deal with weapon skills? I've found a few trainers who have taught me some things but nobody even offers to teach me the advanced skills. I'm all done with Hammerberg but I still haven't found any advanced trainers. Fogrimm has something like 3000 points to spend and nothing to spend them on!

Alrik Fassbauer July 25th, 2011 12:11

Hm, I don't quite understand your question … Do you mean these "special skills" like "Windmill" or so ?

There must be teachers there, I know.
I just don't remember where.
For example, if you win the fights in the arena deep within Nadoret, and even manage to defeat the master/chief there, then he'll teach you someting.
I don't know what, however, since I haven't beaten him so far.

You could also look in the barracks of Nadoret.

Zloth July 26th, 2011 02:37

Yep, special skills. AH HA! Now I see - it seems their list of skills they can teach you changes as you advance. Time for a spending spree!

Alrik Fassbauer July 26th, 2011 10:35

Yes, they do.

But also do items for sale, and new quests arriving when you have advanced elsewhere.

So, visiting areas where you have been before every now and then is always a good thing ! ;)

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