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darghan February 27th, 2007 01:51

Gothic3 interview
hi guys .. here is an interview from the czech g3 site does not say much but any info better than none
thx to dark-cz-klaw from WOG for the translation

Gothicz.net: Hello Bjorn. May you please introduce yourself? How is your job at PB and how does your daily job look like?
Bjorn Pankratz: My name is Bjorn Pankratz and at PB I'm the main project director and game designer. Some of my projects are Gothic, Gothic 2, the addon, and Gothic 3. My small workplace in Essen is a little complex. Some of my jobs are managing, composing dialogues and quests, guaranteeing quality, gamedesign, and others. Most of my time I spend by my work desk, just like most of the other boys who have this job.

GCZ: What is your favorite game, music, movie/film, woman/women, beer pub and food?
BP: My favorite game was System Shock 2 in Coop mode. I'm a fan of EBM and industrial music, I like dark music. I love to watch fantasy and sci-fi movies, so one of my favorites is Lord of the Rings. Women? Well. YES, I love women…most of them. Weekends I often walk for conversations in my city here in Germany. I love eating a loaf of bread with cheese buttered on it. That is my elixir.

GCZ: How long did the production of Gothic 3 take and what is your favorite feature in that game?
BP: We worked on that game for 3 years of 19. In my opinion, the best feature is the enormous free world filled with real-like beasts and people.

GCZ: Gothic 3 got a lot of rewards for best game of the year, best game design and best soundtrack. On our fansite, the game got 84%. Satisfied?
BP: Yes, I am very satisfied. We didn't really expect such support for Gothic 3, after the release of Goldmaster. We apologize, we had to release the game by the deadline. I hope, that with the newest patch, the game runs on your systems better.

GCZ: How would you end the never-ending arguments on Gothic 3 v.s. Oblivion?
BP: Oblivion is a great game. End of conversation.

GCZ: Did you plan on Gothic being a triology from the beginning of the series?
BP: No, not at all. But after Gothic 1 and at the beginning of the second game, the term "triology" was just a thought, as things went on. Nevertheless, we still aren't stopping.

GCZ: Where'd you leave your hair? You look like a bandit…
BP: My hair is gone, just like my childhood. But I still have a lust for playing games.

GCZ: Many people work for Piranha Bytes. Who is the biggest lazy guy on the team?
BP: At the moment, there are 16 of us and a dog named Sammy. The laziest one is of course him.

GCZ: Everyone wants to know, what is going to be after Gothic 3. And I don't have "next patch" in mind…
BP: That isn't really clear yet. Of course it's going to be something about the world of Gothic, that is clear.

GCZ: I heard, that you work on other RPG fantasy projects…
BP: Really? I didn't.

GCZ: Do you want to say something to the fans?
BP: Yes, thank you all for the great support, especially through rough times, which in the past has never happened. Next time we'll be better. Thank you.

Bjorn Pankratz
(Project Director, Game-Design)

Interesting Interview, isn't it? Took me only 15 minutes to translate and paste it on here.

Maylander February 27th, 2007 11:09

I saw this interview over at World of Gothic. It confirms what we all suspected - they are working on more stuff for the Gothic world. My guess is an add-on, and then either Gothic 4 or something set before Gothic 1, during the war with the orcs.

Dez February 27th, 2007 23:11

I'd love to see the realm of myrtana in it's fullest glory…walking to the stronghold of palandins when the paladin order was in full power. Join the militia and serve the kingdom, raise in ranks and later on have an honour of joining paladins… JUST IMAGNE! :)

Maylander February 28th, 2007 14:47

Meet Lee back when he was Myrtanas greatest general, and so on and so forth. Yes indeed Dez, I agree, that sounds like a great game to me! :)

Zaleukos February 28th, 2007 15:07

I'd like to play as an Orc now that they have something resembling a civilization. Not that many games have given you that side…

Thaurin February 28th, 2007 19:15

Or a Gothic in which you can CHOOSE one of several characters/races to play? Not character customization per se, but one of a bunch of heroes instead of just the one. Then of course you have still to make several choices based on what who you chose which will affact the game and plot…

MudsAnimalFriend March 2nd, 2007 16:22


GCZ: How would you end the never-ending arguments on Gothic 3 v.s. Oblivion?
BP: Oblivion is a great game. End of conversation.
Personally I would have prefered Piranna Bytes to have released Gothic 3 not the The Elder Scrolls V: Gothic. PB needs to take a step back and stop trying to achieve the unachievable. Gothic 1 and 2 worked because their worlds could be convincingly represented with current technologies. After all no one expects thousands of people and buildings spread over vast distances in a penal colony or a small provincial island. In contrast trying to represent entire kingdoms… well that's considerably less convincing. RPGs that present major cities with populations of just a few dozen people don't work for me, the ecosystem isnít convincing. Developers should concentrate on small, detailed and coherent worlds instead.

In Gothic 1 the size of the settlements and population density made sense, the social and economic relationships between camps made sense, and the attitudes of the NPCs as shaped by their environment and the player's actions made sense. It was a self-contained and logically consistent world.

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