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Dhruin March 1st, 2007 01:20

Mass Effect - Reader Q&A @ IGN Blog
Mass Effect Project Director Casey Hudson has updated the official blog at IGN with a reader Q&A. Apparently questions were pulled from the official forums and replies to the last blog entry, including this one:

How far can you go customizing Shepard?
Commander Shepard represents the specific kind of experience you can have in “Mass Effect”: serious situations, important decisions, and the feeling that you can kick down any barrier that stands in your way. But how you do it, and what kind of character you are is up to you. So you can be male or female, change the details of your face and hair to look however you want, and then you’ll decide what kind of character you are: soldier, tech specialist, user of dark energy powers, or some combination of those. You’ll also be able to decide what your starting skills will be. And throughout the game you’ll get new weapons and equipment that you can use, further modifying your appearance and capability. You can also buy or find mods that can be used to enhance your weapons and equipment. So your character is quite a bit more customizable than in “KOTOR” for example, but you’re also adjusting things that seem more tangible or real-world.
More information.

r3dshift March 1st, 2007 01:20


dark energy powers
Hmm… why is it that I have an increased feeling of this game being a Star Wars rip-off? Regardless, the game is welcome (hopefully it won't be obsolete when it finally comes to the PC, unlike Jade Empire), but the devs really should have come up with something more original, I think.

Acleacius March 1st, 2007 07:41

I will never be able to read another ME review and take it seriously after the parody done at RPGCodex, especially when they start talking about Shepard. :biggrin:

Looking forward to playing ME in about 3 years! ;)

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