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mbuddha July 27th, 2011 21:11

Divinity 2 music video
Here's a collage of clips that I captured during my play through a while back. I recently composed some music to go along with the scenes. Check it out if you have a few.


Zloth July 30th, 2011 04:05

Neat, though sometimes it felt like I was missing the bottom part of the picture. Was this recorded in a 4:3 aspect ratio?

Very "trippy" though, a good watch!

mbuddha August 1st, 2011 06:52

Thanks! No, it was widescreen. The bottom appearing to be missing could be either that I had the camera pointed upwards so that it was so close to the character that he wasn't in the screen, or that I cropped the video clips to remove interface elements.

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