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Shepard_the_3rd August 4th, 2011 12:22

Font size fix ?
This game looks very interesting to me.

I tried playing this game twice. Both sessions it lasted only a couple of minutes. The small font size was driving me nuts. I don't like to play a game with my face 50 cm from the screen.

Does there exist a font size fix? Any tweak to get the dialogs readable?

Alrik Fassbauer August 21st, 2011 19:45

Have you already looked into the official forums ?

Shepard_the_3rd August 23rd, 2011 23:18

Hm, I checked it some time ago and found some similar complaints. The official answer was that the fonts were fine, but that people should not use large monitors for gaming. Arrogant b****rds.

I have a living room setup with a PC and a 32inch LCD TV as monitor and wireless gamepad. Obviously my face is not 50 cm from the screen, but isn't this similar to console gaming?

Thaurin September 2nd, 2011 16:32

I have my PC hooked up to my 37" inch TV as well. Yes, this is a problem with some games, unfortunately. If you ask me, people should not play games on small screens. :)

Warmark September 9th, 2011 18:13

I've been looking everywhere for a font fix also. I play on a 22" widescreen monitor and even being up close I find the text too small, the developers over on their forums said there was no way to change text size, so I don't know if there is much hope for that.

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