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Dhruin August 11th, 2011 02:56

The Witcher 2 - v1.35 Hotfix Released
A new patch for The Witcher 2 has been released addressing a number of issues with the v1.3 release:

We have just released a Hotfix addressing certain issues that might have been caused by the Patch 1.3. Major problems addressed by this hotfix include: shadows not being displayed correctly in 3D Vision, Steam achievements not being registered, and the game executable file being recognized as a threat by antivirus software. Full list of changes and more information about the hotfix itself can be found here.
More information.

Zloth August 11th, 2011 02:56

NOOOO!!! Not yet! I'm not done with Vampire:tm:Bloodlines! ;)

P.S. I've been humming some of that club music at work. It's catchy!

Capt. Huggy Face August 11th, 2011 09:32

I know what you mean. I'd be embarrassed if anyone knew how much time I actually spent on that club's dance floor. :p

Daddy32 August 11th, 2011 10:36

Even the title (menu) music sounds great - very much like it was made by Massive Attack.

Acleacius August 11th, 2011 11:46

Have you guys noticed the 4 new music tracks Wesp found and placed in 7.6 version of the game? ;)

Capt. Huggy Face August 11th, 2011 20:22

Nope. Any good? I think I've always done my repeat play-throughs with the "true patch."

joxer August 11th, 2011 22:49

Sorry, it doesn't meet my taste… Besides, I liked the club dance music from Anachronox much more. Even today I love it actually for some reason, although it's really just a simple composition but full off effects that fit into it. Not just into the ambient but also into the whole game. That's this one:

But even that one cannot beat Fo2 vault city theme:
Outstanding piece of art.

But… What does it have to do with The Witcher? Unless we're talking about the theme from the first game. A masterpiece if you ask me, but not made to be danced with nor is the same futuristic style like previous ones:

Acleacius August 12th, 2011 02:54


Originally Posted by Capt. Huggy Face (Post 1061085857)
Nope. Any good? I think I've always done my repeat play-throughs with the "true patch."

Of course if you liked the music from Bloodlines, these four are all original tracks. What does true patch have to do with anything? Afaik true patch has never found any new content nor made a changes that the rest of the community hasn't already done.


Originally Posted by joxer (Post 1061085903)
Sorry, it doesn't meet my taste…

Yes, if you liked those over the music from Bloodlines
Darling Violetta - A Smaller God
lacuna coil - swamped

Then you probably won't like newly found Bloodline tracks no matter how good they are and those are no real comparison. I noticed how much, your first two tracks sound exactly the same.

…and if you read the thread, you would know what Bloodlines has to do with it. There are fans of both games posting in the thread.

Zloth August 12th, 2011 03:19

From what I hear, the music from Witcher 2 wasn't as good as Witcher 1 but Witcher 1's music was VERY good so I'm not sure what that ends up meaning.

DoctorNarrative August 12th, 2011 05:32

I use the patch that doesn't change anything about the game, just fixes bugs. I don't like altering the developer's vision.

joxer August 14th, 2011 19:09


Originally Posted by Acleacius (Post 1061085959)
I noticed how much, your first two tracks sound exactly the same.

You're joking, right?
Either that or there's something wrong with your ears.

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