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Dhruin March 3rd, 2007 18:33

RPG Vault - Developers @ GDC #1
It's heading into that time of the year and RPG Vault again has a piece that chats with various developers about their GDC plans. The responses are mostly predictable, with paragraph-long answers from the likes of Cyanide (Loki) and several MMO developers.
More information.

jcompton March 3rd, 2007 18:33

Nobody asked (sniff), but three Broken Hourglass developers will be attending: myself, one of our designers, and our musician. My expectations are pretty managed (I've been to dozens of trade shows of various industries) but I expect it will be worthwhile.

magerette March 3rd, 2007 19:17

Don't feel bad--at least I've heard of Broken Hourglass and Planewalker Games. Unlike the rest of those guys--I'm sure they're all worthy professionals, and many of them make games outside my area of interest, but I couldn't say I'd ever run across any of them (beyond what's been posted here about Loki).

Have fun in San Francisco and I second the Anchor Steam beer idea.:cool:

Corwin March 4th, 2007 01:42

Hey JC, we love you here and we're behind you 100%. Have a great time there and WOW them with Broken Hourglass. Just remember who your friends are when you're famous and rich!! :)

curious March 5th, 2007 22:36

@magerette-wow you like anchor steam beer? even though i'm past my drinking days, i still drink about a 6-pack and change a week. even here though anchor steam is rarely on sale unlike alot of other local breweries. i ocassionally partake in its greatness especially if i can get it on tap. in some ways its a bonus of seeing lots of concerts in san fran, but since i'm usually the one driving…

magerette March 5th, 2007 22:46

Touring the Anchor Steam Brewery was one of the high points of my days in San Francisco x_x --it was kind of like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory--we got little samples. Back then, it wasn't available anywhere else. I've heard there are a few pubs here that have it on tap, but I don't make the rounds like I used to. ;)

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