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aries100 August 20th, 2011 10:52

Torchlight II - Modding Interview @ Bitmob
Bitmob talked to Wonder Russel from Runic Games and Arthur Bruno from Crate Entertainment about Torchlight 2's and Grim Dawns ability to mod the games.

A few samples:

For Torchlight 2, "Runic will be releasing the same tools with which we made the game, including TorchEd 2.0 and our 3D Studio max exporters," says Russell. What can players expect to do with those? "TorchEd 2.0 is the in-house tool used to build our levels, skills, UI [user interface], quests, particles, items, monsters, and effects. We also use it to manage game statistics and balance." She continues, "The 3D Studio exporters will allow people to import their own models and animations." Worried that this all might be a little over your head? Fear not! TorchEd 2.0 will use "a visual logic system that requires no programming experience."
And another quote:

Similarly, Bruno says, "We haven't established any limits on what we want modders to be able to do," and "we've greatly improved some of the modding tools over what was offered with Titan Quest."
For example, players didnít have access to the exporter for Titan Quest, and thus, they experienced much difficulty when adding new models and animations to the game. In Grim Dawn, Bruno says, "I expect we'll probably release that to the public this time." He adds, "New gameplay systems -- like factions -- and the significantly more robust quest and conversation editors should provide a lot more power for modders to generate unique settings and experiences."
And finally a bit about Diablo3 and the no modding thing:

I contacted Blizzard to expand on the published justification for prohibiting mods in Diablo 3, but no one had returned requests for comment before publication. I suspect that the real-money auction house is the actual culprit. Now that Blizzard has involved bona fide dollars, the studio has an interest in carefully monitoring in-game items (and the company will potentially take three cuts for each transaction: one for listing, one for selling, and one if the seller cashes out). The developer canít very well let people play Diablo in any way they choose -- lest they use mods to flood the market with either ultra-powerful, unsanctioned weapons and armor or incredibly rare drops.
More information.

SirJames August 20th, 2011 10:52

Torchlight 2 in definately winning the most of my interest, atm.

T2 ~ $20-40
D2 ~ $80-100

T2 has deliberately huge community content potential.
D2 has deliberately no community content potential.

T2 has LAN play.
D2 needs to be always logged in even to play single player.

T2 has no extra fees
D2 is eying your wallet, salivating and rubbing its crotch with watery, bloodshot eyes and the occasional snort. ummmmm…. I mean features a real money AH! :D

SonOfCapiz August 20th, 2011 14:36

u mean D3 right?

Alrik Fassbauer August 20th, 2011 15:51

Probably, yes - but D3 still isn't released …

Tiptoe August 20th, 2011 19:58

And this is why I won't buy Diablo 3, but I will buy Torchlight 2 and I've already bought Grim Dawn.

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