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larry138 August 24th, 2011 03:19

How is this game now?
I know at the time of release, BP was riddled with bugs and as such got mixed reviews from critics. I'm assuming by now a lot of the issues have been cleaned up to the best of the community's ability. Is this game worthwhile aside from the issues it has, IE in the story and gameplay departments? I'm pretty deep into the "sequel," White Gold, and after I'm through I want to follow up with something similar to it, so I figured why not try the first game. Coming from White Gold will a lot of it be familiar or what?

badmofo August 24th, 2011 06:34

There's a 200mb patch available (provided by the devs shortly after release) that fixes the major issues, but most of the community knowledge / mods have been lost along the way.

Regardless though I love it, White Gold looks better but is a lot less interesting, there's a lot more going on in Boiling Point. Plus Boiling Point is properly translated / voiced so it feels a lot more complete.

And yes you'll feel right at home with your White Gold experience, the mechanics are very similar, and the humor is just as bizarre.

larry138 August 24th, 2011 06:39

That's what's really keeping me going in White Gold — the heart and good sense of humor. Plus the gunplay feels pretty good. I'll definitely give BP a shot then. Is it available for digital download like White Gold is?

e: Ah, it's on Atari's site for $10. Awesome.

VET August 3rd, 2013 04:36

Playing through some of my old games, and into Boiling Point now. It's a bit sad, as this is probably the last time I will play it. It plays well in my newish computer, (Sandy Bridge CPU is old tech now.)
Took me a while to get it going, install the Euro retail patch, install the game.ini, game.dll and vital.dll from the SDK and get the console up, also finding the right xenus.exe to get it working.
I have massive negative faction results after doing a few missions for the police chief and the Indians, I try to remember how the whole faction thing works again.

Great game by DeepShadows, just as much fun as it was in 2005. More fun actually. :)

cartooncorpse October 1st, 2015 19:39

I'm running 1.2 version. Windows 7 64bit (8G RAM)….Runs great. Even shooting works better than at first! Full blast GPU options (Nvidia G-650 or something…pretty new). Even resurrected (working) savegame from 2011 (didn't have to start over)!

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