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Jabberwocky August 29th, 2011 05:57

Geralt's Face & Other misc Observations…
I followed the news releases for this game pretty avidly as it was being developed, and even up until the few weeks before release I remember seeing screenshots of Geralt and remarking how different he looked compared to TW1. Now that I'm playing the game, however, apart from the better graphics, his facial features are almost identical to the original. That's a good thing IMO, but for curiosity's sake, does anyone know the story behind what seemed to be a last minute retrofit?

Secondly, I also noticed that the voices for Iorveth and the Kingslayer are totally different from how they sounded in the pre-release trailers. I'm speaking of the trailer that shows the two characters meeting in the cave, and one memorable line from Iorveth "King or beggar, what's the difference?"
Now the Kingslayer sounds like a country bumpkin from the middle of America… the first time I heard him speak I almost laughed! Iorveth isn't quite as bad, but compared to the trailer it's not good.
Anyone notice the same thing, and/or know the reasons behind it? Or am I just high on Fisstech? ;)

Malkavian September 7th, 2011 02:41

Geralt's face: I believe the reason is (I don't know it for a fact), that in-game graphics and box art were done separately (by different artists even). The retail box art (still) looks vastly different from game-Geralt. Same goes for lots of wallpapers and separate pictures, that weren't really screenshots.

I suspect the same reason for the voices. These recordings were done very early, before the game was done, so the final voice cast probably wasn't hired yet - but they already needed content for advertisement. There was no choice and only the fact that they needed to do it - NOW. I wouldn't be surprised if the voices were guys from the studio itself.

Jabberwocky September 7th, 2011 04:08

Good call on the voices, you're probably right. The face references though that I am comparing to were definitely screenshots. I wasn't referring to the box art at all. So I dunno?

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