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Dhruin October 19th, 2006 00:18

The Witcher - Witcher Week Day 3 Updates
Day 3 of Witcher Week offers a test animatic (apparently part of a cinematic animation development) from the actual game intro and new screens of the Cloister Vizim location.
More information

r3dshift October 19th, 2006 00:18

Let's hope that the English of the game will be miles better than what you can read on the official site. I may be a weirdo, but crappy spelling and nonsense grammar really tend to freak me out nonetheless, especially in a video game.

And add to this that I'm not even a native speaker of English, lol.

r3dshift October 19th, 2006 10:28

Well, having seen that test animatic (is there such a word at all? I think it should be animation), Geralt's movements seem especially awkward and cumbersome. It's as if he was skidding on the roof, not walking.
I wonder if it will show in the intro trailer coming at the end of the week.

txa1265 October 19th, 2006 13:26

Animatic is typically used with regards to test CGI characters in film.

I agree on the translations … but with the detail and polish shown so far I am at east hopeful …

r3dshift October 19th, 2006 13:47

Thanks for the explanation, Mike. One always learns something new :)

r3dshift October 19th, 2006 19:34


The teaser is out and it kicks some mighty @$$! Check it out!

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