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Dhruin September 7th, 2011 18:04

Demon War - Review @ Armchair General
Soldak sends in a new review of Din's Curse: Demon War at Armchair General, with a score of 90%:

As described above, Dinís Curse is unique in that you not only have to kill a wide assortment of creatures below, but you also have to actually save the NPCs above, by providing them food, water, money, and weapons, or by physically defending them from attack, disease, and a host of other problems as they arise.
When an NPC says heís are starving, he really is starving and may die if they donít get food, or money to buy food, soon. Players can talk to an NPC, inspect the NPCís equipment, and give the NPC food from your inventory. The same can be done to provide them with money donations, or better weapons and armor, keeping them better equipped to face random monster invasions into town. If the three primary quest givers in town (apothecary, steward, and warmaster) perish, the whole town is lost, and players must continue the quest for redemption in a new town.
More information.

crpgnut September 7th, 2011 18:04

I pine for the day Mr. Peeler develops a "pure" crpg without any builder, strategy or random elements. The crpg parts of his games sound okay, they're just littered with junk I don't care for. Of course, I'm not his target audience, and I totally get that. I can still dream though.

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