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Dhruin September 8th, 2011 08:43

Basilisk Games - Goodbye, Summer!
Another minor item - it doesn't seem long ago that Basilisk was writing they were scaling back for Summer - but now they're back to it in full swing:

It’s funny- when you post something like “we’re relaxing a bit this summer” people assume that you mean you’ve left the building and shut off the lights. Not so at all! We’ve been here, just working more in a “part-time” fashion. Now that Summer is showing herself to the door, we’re back in the studio moving full speed ahead. We’re putting together the information needed to announce the next game, and working with Steam on a fix for the Lion + Steam + Eschalon bug that has popped up a few weeks ago. More info soon!
More information.

Saxon1974 September 8th, 2011 08:43

Very interested in hearing about the next game! Also think they have some other series planned so I wonder how long till we hear something about that. Sure hope they do well enough to keep going.

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