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Ball_Breaker September 8th, 2011 20:37

Starting again…
As the topic says, it's the 3rd (!!) time that I'm trying to start the game; I got both TDE and TROT, but of course I'm gonna start with TDE first ;).
I just created a Healing Mage because of AE improved regen, but I'm bit disoriented concerning rules, builds & stuff like that. Do you have any suggestion for me? Thanks a lot :).

P.S.: I hope this time to finish it xD.

Gorath September 8th, 2011 21:44

It's not so clear you should start with Drasa because TRoT is a prequel. So certain characters can't be killed because they appear in DraSa too.

If your TRoT came without a manual, just use DraSa's.

Install Ergo's mod, or at least manually edit the SQL parameter for the walking speed. This will save you hours.

Concerning the rules we have a couple of threads with English language introductions. Activate the console and right-click on everything to get a better understanding of the mechanics. 100% clarity is unnecessary. The DSA system opens up slowly, but without stop until the end. When several options become available you'll have an idea what's going on.

DraSa's first map is just an overlong tutorial. It's relatively slow and harmless. There's really only 1 enemy who can realistically kill your whole party. Everybody else can be overpowered with coordination. Remember that you can't go back to older maps, with a couple of exceptions. The game warns you before you leave.

Fenris September 9th, 2011 01:16

Start with River of Time. It's by far the superior Game; and since it's a Prequel you don't miss anything IMO.

Ball_Breaker September 9th, 2011 01:45

Thanks guys for the replies ^^ I just want to start with TDA 'cause I know that TROT is superior… yes, I'm a bit masochistic in this case ;).

Good idea to edit walking speed, that was one of the reason that made me quit the first two times :) also, I'm gonna search for rules threads, I missed them xD.
Too bad that in my country no one that I know plays TDA, I'd be quite curious to try it =(.

Alrik Fassbauer September 9th, 2011 13:55

Right-click on every item !
And especially in the character's skills' screen !

Fnord September 15th, 2011 14:10

Just a few things worth keeping in mind while playing the game:
Don't skimp on willpower. This skill is almost a must.
Spells that makes the enemy weaker is generally speaking better than spells that causes damage.
Skills that causes wounds are incredibly useful when you face ogres and other big creatures.
You can only have a single summoned creature out at any one time, but these are very useful (some more than others, I found A helpful paw to be rather lackluster while Skeletarius & Elemental Minion were really useful)

Alrik Fassbauer September 15th, 2011 18:47

HM, normally, Helpful Paw should summon bigger creatures the more points you put into this spell -and don't forget the also put a few points into the primary stats which define this spell / are used when this spell is checked.

A note to traps : Only 3 are possible at the same time. By the whole group.

Yesterday I have started the game with a Phex-oriented character. I was just curious how this "origin" plays.

Besides, I noticed that the concept of"origins" of Dragon Age 1 is basically similar to the one of Drakensang 2 : Both tell stories based on people coming from different directions …
Only that both games are completely different games & settings.

Fnord September 16th, 2011 20:30

I never did max out A helpful paw, but on lower levels the two other summoning spells that I mentioned are far superior.

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