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Dhruin March 9th, 2007 14:10

Vampire World - Mayhem Unveils New Name
A name-change has brought Vampire World to our attention, indicating that the previous title of Vampire Story was indeed easily confused with the unrelated adventure title A Vampyre Story.
Vampire World is Mayhem's latest title (Neverend, Shadowvault, Empire of Magic) and here is the description from their site:

The city lies down to sleep while somewhere in the middle of an old dockyard a man's life fades away. Ivan, one of the most skilled vampire hunters, is dead. The night is damp and chilly as the investigation begins. None of the Nosferatu clans claims responsibility for the attack and what's even worse, strange things start to happen.
Vampire World is a role-playing game with some adventure-like elements that will charm you with its dark atmosphere of old docks where a mysterious clan of vampires rages free.
Storyline will take the player to four different locations: abandoned docks, lighthouse district, old factory and a merchant ship. The graphics is stylized in a way that the player will be engulfed in the dark yet rich atmosphere.
Game system:
  • Full 3D display with the camera placed behind the character
  • ATBS (active time battle system) adding dynamics to combat as well as the possibility to use a lot of hits, blows, weapons and special combos. (Similar system is used for example in the Final Fantasy series)
  • The possibility to create your own spells using the rune system
  • A lot of adventure-like items and non-linear dialogue branching
  • Character development through the improvement of skills and abilities

…and this announcement:

In order to avoid any misunderstandings concerning the name "Vampire Story" - since there is another computer game from a different company titled "A Vampyre Story" - we have decided to change the name of the project to "Wampire World" thus easing this situation for our business partners and customers.
More information.

slak March 9th, 2007 14:10

Looks pretty good, although i'd like to know how much of an RPG it is, the screenshots show mostly the combat.

titus March 9th, 2007 15:55

finally a new vampire rpg :D
yeah, let's hope it can be as creepy as VTM: the bloodlines

mogwins March 9th, 2007 17:26

Hmmm, from the available info (and screenshots), I don't think we'll be seeing anything near the complexity or depth of Bloodlines. Not that it couldn't be a fun game regardless.

As a side note: RIP Troika.

Alrik Fassbauer March 9th, 2007 20:56

"Vampire World" ?

First sponaneous thought : "A world full of Vampires ? Entirely ? Do they suck blood from one another when there's no-one else but Vampires anymore ?"

Dhruin March 9th, 2007 22:01

Don't get your hopes up too much at this point…Mayhe,m has yet to get a game right. By most accounts, Neverend was OK, which is a forward step…but Shadowvault and Empire of Magic were both disasters. We might try to organise an interview or something.

curious March 9th, 2007 22:22

@Dhruin-which version of neverend did you play? the north-america or u.k. version. shadowvault didn't even run on my rig or any other 6000's series apparently. they do have spunk though so heres to hoping. i like adventure rpg's so it has and will stay on my radar thanks for the news.

Dhruin March 10th, 2007 04:42

I didn't get around to playing it - I was suspicious of Mayhem and the early reviews were poor. A few people have said it ended up decent but I haven't gotten around to buying it.

Acleacius March 10th, 2007 07:49

I am intrested but hesitant for both titles, too bad more reviewers dont do after patch updates to their reviews, which is actually weird now I think about since it would bring more readership to each piece. :S

User NameXX March 10th, 2007 08:40

Similar system is used for example in the Final Fantasy series…

Lost me right there.

Mana Garmr March 10th, 2007 14:24


Originally Posted by User Name (Post 22191)
Similar system is used for example in the Final Fantasy series…

Lost me right there.

Well, on the plus side that could mean that combat won't be a complete real-time hackfest.

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