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Dhruin September 27th, 2011 21:09

The Witcher 2 - Expansion and Witcher 3 Hints?
Eurogamer has some comments from Game designer and writer Jan Bartkowicz that point at The Witcher 3 (no real surprise) and, possibly, a Witcher 2 expansion. The language is a bit convoluted but here's a snip:

"We still have at least one big title ahead of us in The Witcher franchise," he told us.
"All I can say is - outside of when the pre-production starts and finishes - with the story team we were probably in pre-production for The Witcher 3 during making The Witcher 2."

"All I can say is we're planning on releasing something. [The Witcher 2.0 is] not the last update for The Witcher 2," he said. "That's what I can assure you."
More information.

joxer September 27th, 2011 21:09


[The Witcher 2.0 is] not the last update for The Witcher 2
Yea, I'm not surprised in that. But news lack of thorough information on what we know, and that's version 2.0. So details on everything that's coming in version 2.0 are here:

The expansion is expected to be released 29th. This month. Just two days more to wait. :)

DeepO September 28th, 2011 00:45


4. Geraltīs attacks are no longer interrupted by attacking opponents. Attacks are now contiguous and foes cannot interrupt Geraltīs attack by landing a blow.

5. Assorted fixes now prevent opponents incessantly attacking Geralt after he has been knocked down.
These are definitely not improvements.

Kostas September 28th, 2011 00:59

Sounds like they fixed most combat related issues while also making it easier. Don't know what to think of it yet.

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