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Dhruin October 4th, 2011 11:16

Obsidian Entertainment - More Onyx Engine RPGs
Chris Avellone's twitter reveals Obsidian is working on more projects using their own Onyx engine - here's the tweet:

Obsidian's future = more RPGs with our own engine… finally.
Thanks, Jaesun!
More information.

Maylander October 4th, 2011 11:16

Sounds good!

I already mentioned in various threads that the engine is very solid, and quite suitable for party based RPGs. If only NWN2 had been made with an engine as smooth as the Onyx engine.

Twotricks October 4th, 2011 11:45

More Obsidian stuff = good

lostforever October 4th, 2011 11:53

what other games have them made using the Onyx engine please?

Sergorn October 4th, 2011 12:04

So far Dungeon Siege III is their only game using the Onyx engine. The cancelled Aliens RPG also used the Onyx engine, but it obviously never was released :P

This is definitly good news - not that I wouldn't mind Obsidian games with other engines, but like it or not, Dungeon Siege III was by far the most stable Obsidian game and I doubt it's a coincidence. The engine also seems to be rather versatile considering Aliens was a third person RPG much like Mass Effect.

Now I just wish we'd know what games Obsidian are working on. Hopefully they'll annouce something sooner rather than later.


JDR13 October 4th, 2011 12:06

Hmm.. I wasn't impressed with Onyx, but that probably had a lot more to do with DSIII than the engine itself.

joxer October 4th, 2011 12:12

Someone should tell Avellone to finally start making Torment2 instead of advertising engines.

Ball_Breaker October 4th, 2011 13:36


Originally Posted by joxer (Post 1061096110)
Someone should tell Avellone to finally start making Torment2 instead of advertising engines.

I fear a sequel, 'cause at least there will be on of those:

1 multiplayer (and I prefer Single Player much more)
2 'consolized' (you know what I mean, quest markers, GPS and all that stuff…)
3 poor story and characters
4 just one ending (and of course, it will be unsatisfied)

Personally, I want a new IP from Obsidian, and possibily apart of D&D brand, but that's just me of course ;).

ikbenrichard October 4th, 2011 14:08

Torment 2 would be the only game ever i will buy blindly. To me that game had the best ending and beginning in a game since the dawn of time. well except fallout perhaps….

DArtagnan October 4th, 2011 14:13

I thought DS3 looked very average, but I can't deny that the engine was smooth and more polished than the typical Obsidian stuff.

The actual game was quite bland and unworthy - so I hope they return to their roots with their next stuff.

How about picking up that Aliens game again? :)

Couchpotato October 4th, 2011 14:27

I second the motion to finish the Aliens Rpg. Did anyone see the concepts and early game screenshots?

Its a shame as the game was almost finished and Sega cancelled the project.

screeg October 4th, 2011 15:07

Planescape:Torment reimagined as a first person shooter, I can hardly wait!

DeepO October 4th, 2011 15:28

DS3 was the first Obsidian game I wasnŽt even slightly excited about and playing the demo didnŽt change that. I suspected they first and foremost used its development as a warm up/testing ground for their engine and the game itself was sorta, um, secondary, so this was kinda expected (though good to hear).

The Alien RPG or Icewind Dale 3 would certainly piqued my interest. Even moreso with extensive use of honeycomb quest design :).

In this context, IŽm not sure what to think about of this: http://i.picpar.com/959e438070c24d4f…5424b0a6a2.jpg
("currently developing unannounced project for leading animation franchise")

Also, no Planescape: Torment 2, please.
IŽd be fine with Planescape: Something Else Than Torment 2 though, the setting is/was underused.

Lurking Grue October 4th, 2011 15:35

While the Aliens RPG would be sweet, I seriously doubt it's ever going to get resurrected and I fear the decision is not up to Obsidian at all. However, why not salvage all those early designs and make a sci-fi RPG of their own IP. Of course they'd need to drop and/or rewrite all the direct references to the Alien(s) franchise and make it their own universe. Not a small task, I know, but doable surely with Obsidian's talented writers.

An Obsdian sci-fi RPG would be fantastic.

Sergorn October 4th, 2011 19:39

Yeah the Alien IP is at Sega, it's them who decided to cancel the Aliens RPG to begin with and handle the videogames IP. To be blunt they seem to be handling it very poorly: the RPG was announced at the same time as Gearbox's "Alien: Colonial Marines" and then suddenly Alien Crucible was cancelled while reports were coming that Colonial Marines was being restarted from scratch while Sega annouced a new Alien VS Predator game.

That's all rather weird, and I'd certainly wish to know how everything went down. Uruqart expressed several time he'd like to explain it, but it can't due to a NDA. Hopefully we'll know someday.

That being said the cancellation of Aliens might have been a bad for a good: because Aliens' team went and did Fallout: New Vegas - had Aliens not have been cancelled, New Vegas might not have happened since Obsidian might not have had the manpower to handle it.


Also, no Planescape: Torment 2, please.
IŽd be fine with Planescape: Something Else Than Torment 2 though, the setting is/was underused.
I'd be fine with any non Forgotten Realms D&D CRPG. That being said I agree, I don't see the point of Torment 2: it doesn't require a sequel - that's even more non sensical that people wanting a Baldur's Gate 3. A new Planescape based RPG could be cool though.


Alrik Fassbauer October 4th, 2011 20:38


Obsidian's future = more RPGs with our own engine… finally.
Could be interpreted differently, too : Someone's licensing this engine … Money flows in …

Motoki October 4th, 2011 21:19

I didn't play DS3 or bite on it even when it went on sale (which is unusual for me; cheap usually=buy) but I did read quite a number of comments that the GUI and the game itself was very consolized and the PC version suffers as a result.

I'm not sure getting more games like this, even if they are a bit more fleshed out than DS3, is such a good thing…

Sergorn October 4th, 2011 21:33

I'm not sure what's your point since I don't think "consolization" has anything to do with the engine used.

Just because DS3 was meant to aim at consoles players (it's basically a Dark Alliance clone after all) doesn't mean every game they'll do will be.

That being said what Obsidian needs is to work more into doing PC specific controls/UIs: that's two games (Alpha Protocol and Dungeon Siege III) that plays perfectly on a PC… with a controller, and suffers from obvious issues with a mouse/keyboard combo. I personally don't mind since I tend to play with controllers when I can, but this rather sucks.

Of course Obsidian is not the only culprit of this, but I have trouble excusing this when I see that even Arcania went to the hassle of offering a diffrent UI on PC and Console.


Motoki October 4th, 2011 21:45


Originally Posted by Sergorn (Post 1061096212)
I'm not sure what's your point since I don't think "consolization" has anything to do with the engine used.

In the sense that if they're using someone else's engine I think they're likely to just go with whatever's already out there in term's of a UI (ie New Vegas) vs with this engine my suspicion is they are more likely to continue with a one-size-fits all console style UI and maybe even recycle as much as they can from DS3's UI.

Basically, I'm pretty much assuming they'll be as lazy as possible with their UIs but hopefully I'm proven wrong.

Alrik Fassbauer October 4th, 2011 21:55

I don't think that "engine" means "UI" here.
In my opinion, both are separate parts of the whole game.

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