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Pessimeister October 6th, 2011 16:09

Caption This!
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G'day Watchers and Drakensang players,

After finishing my first playthrough of the River of Time, I took a look at some of the screenshots I'd made and came up with an idea for a fun little thread to entertain Aventurian passerbys. Basically players are invited to make screenshots of a humorous moment in their games then get everyone else to caption them!

For my picture, the in game story goes like this:
Forgrimm had been getting some good practice bingeing on schnapps and pale ale and decided to enter the drinking competition with the Tavern King. Unfortunately for him, he failed a constitution check and lost. In his dwarfly and very tanked rage, he stumbled towards the Hammerberg medic for a hangover cure, but instead found himself cured and mesmerised by…


Alrik Fassbauer October 10th, 2011 22:14

"Where am I ?"

Drithius October 11th, 2011 16:41

Need more Pale Ale.

Drithius October 11th, 2011 16:49

Have you seen Bogumil?

Pessimeister October 12th, 2011 08:12

:lol: Nice guys!

I was getting a little concerned there that with all the views and no captions that the picture was just an in-joke to me or a tad too bawdy for the forum. ;)

Since it kind of spoils the fun to explain the joke - instead, I'll just provide a supporting link to Brother None's amusing Let's Play of the River of Time on the Codex, where the answer (and Bogumil) can be found.


More pictures and captions welcome. :)

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