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dteowner October 11th, 2011 16:05

RPGWatch Guild for DDO
Come one, come all! If you're in good standing here at RPGWatch, you're eligible to join the RPGWatch Guild in DDO. The guild is on the Khyber server, so you must build your toons on that server if you wish to join.

This thread has one and only one purpose. Each person in the guild will list their characters with some information. This should help guildies get a feel for who's who and make it easier to "party up" with other RPGWatch guildies. For questions, comments, and/or chatter, please use either the DDO thread in this MMO forum or the Team Corwin thread in the Off-topic forum. We want to keep this thread clean, folks.

For each toon you run, please list the following:
Preferred weapon

The 2nd and 4th are there to make it easier for higher level players to save useful items to pass along. For example, Team Corwin seems to pull about 600 bastard swords every Friday session. None of us have toons that use bastard swords, so they get sold off. If somebody posts here that they use bastard swords, we'll start saving any good ones we come across and putting them in the guild chest for the player that uses them. Race ties into race-specific items, such as dwarven axes.

Each player can go back and edit their post as new toons get built and old toons are abandoned. If you want to list the level of your toons, that's fine, but you're then on the hook to keep it somewhat up-to-date.

Thanks, folks. The more, the merrier, and we can help each other out quite a bit.

I'll put up the first toon post as a template, but I'll put it in a seperate post to make my future edits/updates easier.

dteowner October 11th, 2011 16:16

Roster De La DTE:

Phuury McDuggans - human harper tree arty - repeaters
* lvl 16 (TR's: hu barby, hu pale master wizzy, hu caster druid, hu GO scholar warlock)
* next life planned as cleric

Wouldii Wohnty - human monk - handwraps
* lvl 19 (TR's: human tempest ranger, human machine gun nun, drow air savant sorc)
* Friday toon

Botdu Hyl - elf arcane archer FVS (aka gimp)- longbows
* lvl 18 (TR's human healbot cleric, elf arcane archer, human healbot cleric again)
* Friday alternate
* next life planned as pally

RhoGu Axingham - drow assassin rogue - short swords
* lvl 30 (TR'd dwarf rogue, TR'd warforged arty)
* next life planned as barby

Shadohe D'Ishtar - dragonborn swash bard - hoping for light picks
* lvl 4 (TR's hu kensai fighter, halfling dark ninja monk, dwarf kensai fighter)

Klubbir Pinion - warforged pale master wizzy - caster sticks
* lvl 9 (TR'd warforged raging barbarian, TR'd WF warchanter bard)

Monikle Glass - converted to a mule, will not run

Dtemule - just a mule, will not run

Dtemuletwo - just a mule, will not run

Dtemulethree - just a mule, will not run

Dtemulefour - just a mule, will not run

Ball_Breaker October 11th, 2011 16:32

Here I come:

Leyring - human female rogue/ranger - dual wield khopesh
lvl 3 (I'm planning to become Tempest)

Thaurin October 11th, 2011 17:31

Name: Thaurene
Race: Human? (I think)
Class: Cleric (haven't spent much of my points yet)
Preferred weapon: what now?
Skype: Negatyfus
Status: n00b

guenthar October 11th, 2011 18:37

What about me?

I'm ranger as well, duel wield. I'm low level atm, been spending too much time on http://www.rsclegacy.com/. Will have to catch up!

Alrik Fassbauer October 11th, 2011 20:40

Well, that's the character I'm currently playing (and I feel that I need some more time to get into the game, but I do what I can) :


Originally Posted by Alrik Fassbauer (Post 1061096953)
I'm currently in the middle of character creation - I chose an elven "arcane warrior", because this suits my playing style best.
If I'd do another one, It'd be a cleric.

I have no idea what names are allowed and which not; right now I'm going with "Alric The Seer" or "Alric the Seer". I'm currently building some kind of background information/idea for him, but I must admit that I'm still unfamiliar with Eberron.
My idea was that Alric The Seer has been venturing out into the world to look out for "signs" and to learn reading them - as a kind of self-imposed "training" - he wants to become some kind of scout, but until he knows which kind of scout he will become, he must learn seeing and reading "signs" first, with no idea (and no specification) what this might be. In my view, he has a tendency to be/become a mystic, and his "signs" will be "mystical" signs, magical ones also, and there is no way to know what kind of they will be, because he hasn't learned it yet. To him, a spark in the darkness can be a "sign" as well as some kind of evil - whereas the evil would be a sign of something neot being good in the world. And he wants to learn how to see them, read them, and much, much, much, much later use his ability to see them early and to read them to tell others about them - just like a scout.

That's my backstory so far for him.

Edit : His name had to be changed : The game says that the name is already in use - and variations of it as well.

His name is now (please don't laugh) : Alrikadaram Signsearcher ;)

He is currently still at level 1, just because I want to play when I want to, and I don't want to do a "speed-run" through the game ;) if you understand what I mean. ;)

His stats currently are (unmodified; I already have a few items) :

Race : Elf
Class : Ranger
Profession : "Arcane Archer"
preferred weapon : the Bow, of course. ;) But he isn't bad at using 2 weapons at the same time either

Str 14
Con 12
Dex 18
Int 8
Wiz 14
Cha 8

I hope that's it for now.

I'm currently online, by the way. Still in the first village.

Peter Stauffenberg October 11th, 2011 22:13

RolfPeter Manstein: Level 8 TR2 dwarf cleric. Heavy mace..

KarlPeter Aspenstein: Level 23 TR2 half-elf fighter/paladin. Greatsword + maul

Peterp Policus: Level 14 TR2 dwarf cleric. Heavy mace.

Peters Stauffenberg: Level 26 TR2 human fighter/paladin. Bastard sword + khopesh

Petresus Circinus: Level 27 TR2 human monk. Handwraps

Pitrelon Garand: Level 24 TR2 warforged artificer. Heavy repeating crossbows + runearm

Corwin October 12th, 2011 03:09

Corwinnd: Level 22Drow Wizard Uses either Sceptors or Staffs

Reywindd: Level 18 TR'd Elf Ranger Uses Rapier, Dagger and Bow

Amber: Level 7 Druid Human Sword and Board (scimitar currently)

Avalonna: Level 17 Drow Rogue Dual Wielding Dex Blade build

Phydaux Phynchelstyne: Level 15 Warforged Rogue/Wiz (2/10) Uses Staffs

Dhedkhat: Level 13 WF Arti, Repeating XBow and Rune Arm

Melvil October 12th, 2011 03:45

Mithrani Dreamcage level 4 Cleric. It's tough for me to be on a lot these days though.

azraelck October 12th, 2011 04:26

Skype: Azrael4h

Mirys - L19 Half-Ogre TR Fighter - Falchions/Great Swords

Aerii - L19 Elf TR Sorcerer - Various caster-implements.

Fireflash - L3 Elven TR Rogue - Great/Repeating Crossbows

Rachail - L20 Half-Elven TR Bard - Light SWF weapons

Ijii - L7 Elven Favored Soul - SWF Scimitars - Crafting Mule

Mr Pump XIX - L15 Sun Elf Warlock - Caster gear

Mureall - L16 Human TR Warlock - caster stuff

Cairii - L7 Human Druid Wolf - abandoned

Aneiria - L30 Drow TR Warlock - Acid, Light, Sonic, and Force sticks
Epic Character only.

Suisaidh - L20 Half-Elven Cleric Heal-bot - Mule

bloodlover October 12th, 2011 20:40

Bebela - lvl 3 human cleric. Future healbot, kind of n00b but learning fast.

edit : pm me for skype id

Sergius64 November 4th, 2011 23:42

Name - Klirav
Race - Dwarf
Class/build - lvl 6 Cleric
Preferred weapon - longsword I guess.

Cm November 7th, 2011 17:02

You may regret having me do this list. :)

Preferred weapon:One handed

Preferred weapon:Greatsword/Greataxe

Name: Shavolet
Race: Druid
Class/build: Natures Warior
Preferred weapon:One handed

Preferred weapon:Handwraps

Preferred weapon:Longswords
Level:18 holding 19

Race: Drow-elf
Preferred weapon:Greatsword

Preferred weapon:Grearswords/Greataxe
Level:16 Friday guild runs only

Name: Keriahalf
Race: Halfing
Preferred weapon: shortswords

Name: Kerriadwar
My Mule only

Name: Shortcakes
Race: Halfling
Class/build: Rogue Assasin
Preferred weapon: One-handed
Level: 11

Alrik Fassbauer December 17th, 2011 20:15

An update : Alrikadaram Signsearcher is now :

Level 6
Action Points 21

Str 17 +2
Dex 20 +4
Con 15+1
Int 9 -1
Wis 17 +2
Cha 10 -1

After visiting the Guild Ship's shrines and whatnot.

These numbers might also be influenced by armor etc. for example my +1 belt of ogre strength/power.

Further stats (might be increased due to items, too) :

Hit Points : 98
Spell Points 95
Ki 0
Armor Class 21 +2

Fortitude +9
Reflex +11
Will +6

Base Attack Bonus 6
Spell Resistance 0
Fortification 0 %

My character isn't wearing the fortification ring and the chain mail that "cointains" fortification, too.
Both at 25 %.

Resistances (after visiting 2 Guild Ship Shrines) :

Acid 22
Frost 0
Electricity 0
Fire 22
Sound 0

Damage Reduction
3 / Pierce, Bludgeon

Typed from the screen of the "DDO Viewer" program.

Alrik Fassbauer May 10th, 2012 20:36

Forgot to add: Daracaram Signsearcher, who is a currently level 6 Wizard (Witzard ? :lol: ).

jmurdock July 30th, 2012 01:52

Finally here

Alieanta, halfling, rogue, assassin, lvl 8, rapier, shortsword, dagger

Arogemule, Elf, Ranger/Rogue, AA, lvl 24, Longbow

Brialle Toaster Monk, Henshin, lvl 23, fist, TR 4

Charzade Half elf Arti, Arcano tech, lvl 28, Repeater

Joyelle Halfling Sorcerer, Water Savant, lvl 23, spell sticks TR 1

Khatherina Horc Fighter, Kensai, Bastard Sword (Just to be ornery), lvl 25, guess

Marianelle Helf Monk, shin tao, lvl 23, fists TR 2

Morinella Elf Arti, don't know yet, lvl 7, repeater tr 1

Murianni Helf cleric, divine disciple, lvl 8, spell sticks TR 2

Sherina Helf Bard, Virtuoso, lvl 28, Haven't decided TR 2

Sherrille Helf, Rogue, Acrobat, lvl 14, Staff TR 3

Slashiere Human, Purple Dragon Knight, Defender, lvl 15, kopeshe

Alrik Fassbauer July 31st, 2012 13:46

- Alrikadaram Signsearcher, still level 16, has a Junior Frost Render pet - is Arcane archer now

- Daracaram Signsearcher, level 9, trying to specialize in fire (he has a Junior Fire Render pet, too ! ;) - He has taken the Arch Mage route

- Aracram Signsearcher, Artificer, level 6, repeater crossbow specializing (his newest toy is the Hellfire Crossbow), not much away from level 7 anymore, has a Bronze Golem pet - Has recently become Battle Engineer

- Harakadaram Signsearcher, Cleric, level 6, specializing on battling undead ones, and on close combat (if he ever TRs, then he'll surely become a Paladin), does his usual buffs & healing, but is still not too experienced in that because he rather likes removing undeads. He doesn't have his Prestige Enhancement yet (2 ranks missing).

Alrik Fassbauer August 5th, 2012 00:21

Update : My Cleric is now level 7 and finally has his Prestige Enhancement, too.

Cm August 7th, 2012 19:12

I am just updating the original list. Save space and time.

Reywind August 17th, 2012 13:23

Sparohawke - Level 28 Half-Elf AA Ranger/Trapper, Bows & Arrows (2nd Life)

Zynestial - Level 15 Human Wizzy, Scepters etc. (2nd Life)

Elithrar - Level 15 Half-Elf Arti, Repeaters (2nd Life)

Leywind - Level 28 Human Fighter, Kopesh and Bastard Swords (2nd Life)

Rookye - Level 26 Half-Elf Monk, Handwraps (1st Life)

Zynestalla - Level 12 Human Druid, Caster (3rd Life)

Zynnie - Level 3 Human Cleric, Healbot (3rd Life)

Unimmortal - Level 7 Barbarian Mule, does the heavy lifting

Heywind Le Mule - Level 7 Wizzy Mule

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