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Dhruin October 20th, 2011 23:45

Risen - Subsite @ GameBanshee
GameBanshee has launched their subsite for Risen, offering a walkthrough, equipment database and so on.
More information.

Thrasher October 20th, 2011 23:45

Only 2 years late. I wish they'd spend more time and money on their great walkthrough material rather than their not so great reviews.

Drithius October 21st, 2011 00:37

I like their reviews ;) They often talk about what makes me fall in love with rpgs rather than ooo_shiny!

Pessimeister October 21st, 2011 02:20

I generally like their reviews as well. Reasonably balanced yet critically minded where necessary. Better late than never with the walkthrough information; not that Risen featured any great conundrums, but the gesture is appreciated nonetheless.

Curious that we haven't received any news bits for Risen 2 recently…isn't it expected to come out at the end of the month? :) Exciting times for Risen fans ahead.

Moriendor October 21st, 2011 02:53


Originally Posted by Pessimeister (Post 1061100190)
Curious that we haven't received any news bits for Risen 2 recently…isn't it expected to come out at the end of the month?

Nope. Risen 2 is scheduled for a "first half of 2012" release. As for a lack of info, well, Gamescom wasn't that long ago. It's only been about ten weeks since we got tons of stuff including assorted media and many, many first hands-on reports from fans who actually got to play the game at the event. They're going to have to recycle material for future PR events unless they want to spoil the entire game up front. There's not that much more that we could possibly ask for except a demo or the promised beta (that people who own the CE got a code for).

Pessimeister October 21st, 2011 03:42

You're right, of course, Moriendor - perhaps my eagerness to get my hands on it just got the better of me for a moment there. ;)

Having said that, I did notice that information on the main RPGWatch page in the expected releases section, still has the release listed for October 31, 2011. (Thus, something to possibly update…just in case a crazy fan goes berko!)

Acleacius October 21st, 2011 05:47

Nice, there can never be enough Risen info.

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