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Corwin March 19th, 2007 16:19

The Broken Hourglass - RULES and MECHANICS: Hiding and Finding
Planewalker Games have updated their site with more information on aspects of eagerly awaited game The Broken Hourglass. This time it deals with the key issue of finding hidden items and people. Here's the entire update:

From tripwires to deadly assassins to a storage nook behind a wall painting, hidden people and objects help spice up the experience of The Broken Hourglass. Here, we briefly explain the rules for hiding as well as finding that which has been hidden.

Although individual characters have their own sight range, from a mechanics standpoint all members of the same party are considered to be sharing the same knowledge about the people and things they can see. This reasonably approximates one party member's ability to alert companions that "He's heading your way!" or "Look out! She's behind you!" When people or things are hidden, then, they are potentially hidden from every single party in the game.

Hiding Characters and Creatures

Any character or creature with at least one point in the Stealth skill may attempt to hide at any time. As far as they are aware, they are now hidden.

An opposing individual or party which encounters the hidden creature will spot it if its Perception score exceeds the Stealth score of the hider. Perception is a group skill, meaning that when party members are within a certain radius of one another, they are able to fractionally combine their abilities to have a better chance of locating a hider than they would on their own. (Group skills were discussed in a previous Rules and Mechanics installment).

Messenger is attempting to sneak past both the Guards and the Player Party. Messenger's Stealth score is 25.
The Guards have a combined Perception score of 20.
The Player Party has a combined Perception score of 30.
The Player Party will spot the Messenger, but the Guards will not.

The benefits of hiding from opponents speak for themselves:

For more information visit their site .


More information.

jcompton March 19th, 2007 16:19


Here's the entire update:
Actually, that's not the complete text. The rest of the rules text is here.

Corwin March 20th, 2007 01:34

Thanks JC, I missed that. Blame it on my posting it early in the morning before I'd fully woken up!! :)

txa1265 March 20th, 2007 13:43

I am really loving all of these updates (I also get them by email!) … very much looking forward to this game!

Arma March 20th, 2007 16:11

Same here. I wish that they update the expected release date as well! And more in-game screenies!!

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