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Dhruin November 2nd, 2011 23:10

Legend of Grimrock - Alpha
An update from the Legend of Grimrock site announced they have officially reached Alpha:

As I said in the previous post, our alpha milestone was pending only a complete playthrough. Petri worked on it for the last three days and we’re happy to announce that he passed through the game so now we can proudly proclaim that Legend of Grimrock is officially in alpha! Now that we have a working full length game on our hands, we have a good vantage point where we can see what aspects of the game still need to be refined the most and luckily there were no big glaring issues or features we would need to drastically change. Regardless, the smaller things added up to a rather hefty todo-list but worry not, we are already working on it!

There were a few areas in the game that were too difficult or had too much combat in them. As far as monster variety goes, the latter half of the game was almost there but the initial stages probably need a little more peppering up. Some types of items, like food, needs more variety and our set of spells is still incomplete but the work needed to get there doesn’t seem overwhelming. Implementing most of the story elements is one of the bigger areas we need to tackle before beta: we have the beginning and the end in place but the in-between bits are lacking. All in all, I think we are doing fine and our path towards beta doesn’t seem very convoluted but we need to do a little more testing to see if our gut feeling holds true. And by the way, the game takes more than ten hours to complete even for a developer who knows all the levels!
And please do keep in mind that this was a purely internal milestone so no need to apply for testing http://www.grimrock.net/wp-includes/…icon_smile.gif . Oh, and we also meant to add a photo of our rowdy alpha party here but Juho forgot the mini-USB cable of his camera at home so to make up for it, here’s the main menu of the game!
More information.

Black Rune November 2nd, 2011 23:10

"Almost Human" team is vastly progressing with their game. And that is great news. Great news I tell 'ya! :)
I am very excited about LOG. Like everything about it ,so far.

Dajjer November 3rd, 2011 02:46

sorta interesting to see this game start up and quickly get up to speed. If they pull this off, it will be great for us CRPG fans. Small talented teams putting it on paper then quickly pushing the product out the door. So many fine preview games turning into vapor ware, maybe the Almost Human development template will greatly reduce that.

Saxon1974 November 3rd, 2011 04:45

I'm amazed that they could get this to Alpha so quickly. Makes me wonder how much content the game actually has. That being said this is probably my most anticipated game right now.

If this one is good and does well I hope they turn into a regular indy studio.

Ball_Breaker November 3rd, 2011 09:01

Very good news indeed. Hopefully we will have it for 2012 as they stated :) I'm optimistic!
And I'm sure we can play it before Age of Decadence comes out :D…

Lurking Grue November 3rd, 2011 16:16

Yay for alpha! Can't wait to play LoG.

Originally Posted by Ball_Breaker (Post 1061103242)
Hopefully we will have it BEforE 2012 as they stated

Fixed it for you. ;)

P.S. I'd hope all indies would be as forthcoming and regular with their updates as the LoG devs are.

Von Paulus November 4th, 2011 00:26

Remember that this after all an old project that was never completed.

There's a little demo of Escape from Dragon Mountain:

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