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Dhruin November 11th, 2011 14:37

Drox Operative - Ship Components
Soldak has kicked up a new blog entry on their space-y RPG, Drox Operative:

You can't just add a skill point to get a better tractor beam. You need to actually find and obtain a better tractor beam. You also need to make sure your ship is capable of using the higher tech tractor beam (power and crew requirements). Since you rely on finding your "skills", your tactics constantly evolve based on what components you find. This is especially true since not all component types are available at all levels. Another interesting thing is that getting a new "skill" is no longer tied to leveling up and can be obtained at any time. A new awesome component might drop during the next fight. And the last nice thing about components as skills is that you can easily remove any component and add a new one any time you want with no penalty. On the flip side though you only have a limited space to install components, although this grows as you gain bigger ships.
More information.

you November 11th, 2011 14:37

I wonder if drox operative will be a bit like space ranger 2 without the rts portion ?

To be honest I've never purchased a soldak game but this one looks interesting to me.

Lurking Grue November 11th, 2011 15:09

This sounds really good. The in depth handling of the ship as a character intrigues me a lot and there are never too many sci-fi RPGs around. So, bring it on!

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