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Dhruin December 6th, 2011 01:50

Morrowind - Overhaul v2.0 Trailer
We've covered the mod compilation Morrowind Overhaul a few times before but apparently work continues post-release with v2.0 nearing release. The official blog has a new trailer on offer.
More information.

jhwisner December 6th, 2011 01:50

Its pretty impressive how much they managed to do with it. At first the video might seem a little underwhelming but then they move on to less barren areas and the ammount of detail they managed to squeeze in becomes far more apparent.

One question though - was it the optional high detail dwemer armor that can make you look like a robot bumble-bee?


ToddMcF2002 December 6th, 2011 02:52

Excellent. I'm loving Morrowind Overhaul v1.3 and plan to work my way back to Skyrim through a heavily modded Oblivion later in the year.

DArtagnan December 6th, 2011 12:03

Have they fixed combat or NPC animations?

(serious question)

kalniel December 6th, 2011 12:32


Originally Posted by DArtagnan (Post 1061110708)
Have they fixed combat or NPC animations?

(serious question)

No. Animations are slightly improved, but not by a huge amount.

DArtagnan December 6th, 2011 12:36

Oh, alrighty then…

guenthar December 6th, 2011 12:56

I know there is a combat mod that makes it like Oblivion but I can't remember any others.

redman5427 December 6th, 2011 15:30

I like what they did with the mod "Morr0blivion" Kind of a pain to install though.

Bedwyr December 6th, 2011 16:29

Wow, the old days…

<fanfare>"Bum Buuum… Bum Buuuum… BumBumBumBum Bum Buuuuum"</fanfare>

<swish> <swish> <mudcrab squeal> <swish> <inexplicable metal-on-metal clang> <swish>

What a great game.

jhwisner December 6th, 2011 18:29

I kind of wish, maybe at the bards' college at least, that one or two of the bards sounded like a lightly less produced version of that (since they're not using mics in game maybe use 3 singers to acheive the the chorus effect instead)

Some of the fan renditions of Elder Scrolls music have been quite impressive - with some of the recent ones being exceptionally so.

Morrowind-Skyrim Medley (Bethesda reps thought this one was quite good and featured it on Bethblog):

Fan Cover of "The Dragon Born Comes" used in the trailer mentioned in the article- one of the songs sung by in-game bards:

I know they've been posted a couple times elsewhere but they're worth checking out if you haven't yet. I'm glad that most of the gaming industry doesn't push the crushing weight of ASCAP on performances like these - definitely don't need them learning any more bad habits from Disney and Sony/BMG than they already have.

Thaurin December 6th, 2011 19:34

Or, try the metal version if you prefer the heavier stuff. :)

jhwisner December 6th, 2011 20:18


Originally Posted by Thaurin (Post 1061110799)
Or, try the metal version if you prefer the heavier stuff. :)

I know I'm getting a little off topic - one could almost do a mini feature article going over the range of covers of music from RPG series popular on this site. Sorry about that.

Yeah considering the Northern European influences on the design of "Nord" culture in the game a somewhat metal inspired arrangement does kind of seem like a natural idea. There's also a somewhat different (guess maybe call it operatic power ballad style?) metal style rendition done of the Oblivion main theme:

How about the accordian cover though:

Or the 8-bit old-school version:
Only complaint about that is that he should have been more liberal in adapting the arrangement for the accordion. Easy to drown the melody out with your fundamental chords.

A more unusual choice for re-arranging game music is for ocarina:

While not without flaws (he's out of tune with his clones for example) a one man cello quartet interpretation of the Morrowind theme was an interesting way to go:
A more ambitous one-man quartet version is this (3 different instruments) but I kind of wish he used bass drum and flute instead of bongos and two recorder parts.
Aslo a pretty straight-forward electric guitar adaptation of the Morrowind theme:

One of my favorites as far as unusual instrument choices go, because its one of the ones that actually would have worked in some areas of the original game, is the Appalachian mountain dulcimer rendition of the Morrowind theme:

If anyone has a music background, I imagine they'll appreciate some of the more stylized versions as good examples of how variations on a base musical theme can be used to create rather diverse compositions. I mean Elgar managed to get his excellent 14 movement symphony, Enigma Variations, basing each movement on the same 6 bar basic theme.

I wish some more of these artists (particularly the ones who already give out free mp3s of their music) would post their songs on Nexus as modder resources. Some of them would actually work quite well as additional music for use in mods without sounding as out of place as some of the alternatives people sometimes turn to do.

JDR13 December 6th, 2011 22:23

I hope 2.0 is better optimized for Windows 7. The current version runs like crap on my system for some reason. Otherwise it's a fantastic mod.

ToddMcF2002 December 7th, 2011 05:45

Well performance is acceptable for Morrowind anyway. I turned off Fraps but when I had it on I was getting 18-30 FPS, typically around 22-25. For this game that will do. It is an old engine, never intended for this level of detail. Skyrim for me runs in the high 30's for me on the same laptop.

basharran December 7th, 2011 11:40

Wow, this looks really impressive for such an old game, will have to find my box somewhere on the attic :)

bloodlover December 7th, 2011 12:58

Am I the only one that does not like this? This doesn't even look like Morrowind anymore. I really like the original graphics more because they match with the feeling and the setting.

edit: Just install MGE and it's enough.

DArtagnan December 7th, 2011 13:02

What's not to like (if you like the game in the first place)? It's Morrowind with much better visuals - as far as I can tell from that trailer.

I can't see any change in "style" whatsoever, it's just prettier.

ToddMcF2002 December 7th, 2011 13:24

Whether it "looks like Morrowind" is entirely dependent on what you select for options. Mine looks just like Morrowind, but crisper and well… better.

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