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Dhruin December 9th, 2011 00:01

KoA: Reckoning - Answers from the Team
The latest Reckoning Answers from the Team is now available, covering magic damage scaling, chakrams, save files, voice overs and the Jack of All Trades Destiny, which I'm not sure I understand:

Q: During the newest Reckoning Destiny and Fate trailer with Ian Frazier, Will Miller, and Matt Berner, Will mentioned the Jack of all Trades Destiny that at the highest rank can equip all weapon mastery's. I was wondering is that because a Jack of all Trades person would have chosen to invest all points only in weapons as they leveled up? Or could I equally invest points into other skills like traps in Finesse, Mark of Flame in Sorcery, and Quake in Might as example and still gain the perk to use the weapon buff? I'm trying to make sure I don't waste points investing all into weapon upgrades skills if the perk does that for me, or understand more clearly how that works. – By Falkon

A: To earn the Universalist Destiny, it doesn’t matter which points you invest in, as long as you satisfy the requirements of putting a minimum amount of points equally in Might, Finesse, and Sorcery. So you can avoid investing in weapon upgrades and then get them all later for free! My own strategy would be to invest in the weapons that I use, but then pay some gold to reassign my skill points at a Fateweaver once I’ve earned the Universalist Destiny. – By Joe "JoeQ" Quadara, Lead Combat Designer
More information.

Fantasm December 9th, 2011 00:01

Here's the explanation behind that particular question and answer.

Even though the game is advertising itself as having 40 destinies, really there are only 7 "base" destinies, with additional tiers on top of them (each with better bonuses than the one beneath it). These 7 destinies correspond to the 7 possible combinations of the 3 trees.

Might - 6 tiers
Finesse - 6 tiers
Sorcery - 6 tiers
Might/Finesse - 5 tiers
Might/Sorcery - 5 tiers
Finesse/Sorcery - 5 tiers
Might/Finesse/Sorcery - 6 tiers
(the 40th destiny is the one you start out with, something like Fateless One).

As you continue spending skill points as you level, you unlock additional tiers depending on how you've allocated those skill points.

The top tier of each of these 7 possible combinations grants a special power or ability. For example, the highest pure-Might destiny grants you a "second chance" ability that kicks in when you reach 0 health, allowing you to fight on at quarter health but with increased strength (or something like that).

In this case, the Universalist is the top-tier Jack-of-all-Trades destiny, and its' special ability is that when you have it equipped as your destiny, you gain weapon mastery in all 9 weapon types in the game. Normally you would need to spend skill points in specific weapon skills to get this mastery, so it's a pretty big bonus (but probably necessary, because spreading your points out among all 3 trees means that you probably don't have the uber powers of a specialist).

you December 9th, 2011 02:01

I hope this game does not require oirigin.

darkling December 9th, 2011 09:54


Originally Posted by you (Post 1061111513)
I hope this game does not require oirigin.

I am fairly certain it will.

you December 9th, 2011 15:40

This will be a disaster. Origin is worse than ubi-soft always on drm; which is quite a disaster. Why ruin a perfectly fine single player game with this crap. God I hate copy cat bullshit publishers.


Originally Posted by darkling (Post 1061111539)
I am fairly certain it will.

Daroou December 9th, 2011 16:31

There's a rumor going around that some people will find a way to play it without Origin..

jhwisner December 9th, 2011 21:04

IGN actually has a decent piece encouraging people give the new property a chance - suggesting they will most likely be pleased if they do:


Carnifex December 9th, 2011 21:28

I have hopes for this game, I really hope they take some lessons from the rpg's in 2011 and make it challenging. I don't even mind having to have Origin to play it, I just want it to not suck.


Fluent December 10th, 2011 20:47

I have a feeling it's going to be challenging. Watching the player fight three of those Jutton brutes at the same time looks rough, because it takes forever to kill one of them, and they hit hard. That's my only fear with this game, they've made such an emphasis on combat that I fear that the combat will regularly take too long and I'll get bored of it quickly.

rune_74 December 10th, 2011 21:31

now that skyrim is out, this is my next big game I'm waiting for…risen 2 is a short way behind it….if I get a fraction of good time out of each of those that I got in Skyrim, I will be happy…man what a great time to be an rpg fan.

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