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Ricas December 14th, 2011 16:53

[AD] Face of Mankind (FoM)

Hello citizen of the Global Dominion,

Are you looking to expand connections?
Do you want to build up reputations?
Do you want to lead a corporation to market domination?
Or do you just want to make the galaxy a better place and join the law enforcement?

It's all possible with Face of Mankind. Here you can become;

A police officer,
A soldier of the dominion,
Gun for hire,
Corporate owner,
A sneaky drugs dealer.

Face of Mankind has it's own unique way of playing. The game is set in the early 24th century. Players can own apartments, make their own weapons and armor, go to war whenever they want! And most importantly, it's completely player driven! No quest you have to follow to progress in the game or lousy mobs you need to kill. You take orders from other players and make career, eventually you will give the orders! Will you bring your faction to glory or will your poor judgement be the end of the faction? It's all in YOUR hands.

Join today and start your career!


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