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Dhruin December 17th, 2011 05:08

Legend of Grimrock - Weekly Update from Halls of Fire
This week's Grimrock update has the latest changelog, rather than the usual description of work. It's a bit long, so here's a sample:

beta-1.0.2 changelog (all changes since 5th December 2011):
- added a new spell (with 4 variations)
- tweaked shields
- added legionary shield, legionary spear and a new helmet
- added and tweaked monster loot drops
- added elemental resistances to XXX
- tweaked nutrition values of food items
- modeled and animated background scene for XXX
- removed offhandedness (any weapon can now be wielded in left or right hand)
- any item can now be carried in hand slots
- separated attack power and accuracy values for left and right hand
- attack icons now double act as inventory slots so that items can be quickly exchanged between prisoners
- reduced arrow count a little in level 3
- tweaked skeleton archer audio volumes and distances
- improved lvl3 monster teleport puzzle
- added new decorative floor objects
- added dragon statue dungeon prop
- smoothed Warden idle animation
Thanks, Von Paulus!
More information.

Daroou December 17th, 2011 05:08

Nope, no horn of fear mentioned here.

Von Paulus December 17th, 2011 12:25


Originally Posted by Daroou (Post 1061113101)
Nope, no horn of fear mentioned here.

This was hidden in my memory. Thanks for bringing it back.

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