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kona December 21st, 2011 00:29

Where are the faction leaders?
First I did a review of this game here: http://www.etherealhell.com/ethereal…white_gold.php

The bad thing is that I couldn't finish the game because I got a bit stuck.

I'm up to the part where I got the tablet and the CIA dude needs $10000 to tell me what's on it. I've got $4000, but can't get any higher.

I've got Guerrillas, Government and Mafia all on my side (yay!) but can't actually work for them. On the main/middle island Don Guillermo ran out of jobs for me ages ago and I have to go find his nephew for further work. I have no clue where his nephew resides.

The Guerrillas are the same, I ran out of jobs from their leader who's just around the bay from Don Guillermo. He wants me to go find some other Commandante for further jobs. Where???

And then there's the big Government base on the far big island (with the tank), who should be giving me further tasks, but it's broken. I got up to the helicopter taking photo task and now I'm supposed to steal the Government helicopter, which doesn't exist in the location designated. And the Government won't talk to me anymore and bandits hate me. No point staying on that island unless Guerrillas are hiding somewhere…

It is really, really gay that I have to sit here doing job after job to get money.

Anyone know where Don's nephew is, and the next Guerrillas leader after the guy in the main island (El Commandante I think he was)??? I can't finish the game without finding them, because i'm never going to earn $6000 working for fkn civilians.

rossrjensen December 21st, 2011 00:38

I don't believe I've ever even heard of this game. Interesting.

Shepard_the_3rd December 21st, 2011 23:29

Don Guillermo nephew is at the airbase near to his home. You can find in the command tower.
That helicopter is not there and that is part of the quest. When are near to your supposed target you get new instructions over the radio.
If you play clever you can do quests for all factions and earn lots of money. Don't stick too long at one faction. It will damage your reputation for the others.
Faction representatives are at bars. Speak to them.

kona December 22nd, 2011 12:14

Sweet I found him! Unfortunately the bastard only gave me $2300. Do you remember where Commandant Bombshell is? I've talked to everyone at the bar but they weren't helpful.

Re the government helicopter, I've gone to that target a dozen times but it doesn't seem to trigger any additional new target. Must be a bug.

Shepard_the_3rd December 22nd, 2011 17:22

You will meet Commandante Bombshell as part of a series of quests for the Guerillas. You need to work for Commandante Torres first (I hope the name is correct).
Looting is an important source of income…. Also talk to people to get more quests.

Check your quest log and otherwise the conversation dialog of that Government Captain to find out what you need to do. It confused me too. I think the quest changed into destroying 5 or 6 helicopters, but I could mixing up things.

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