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Glyphwright December 28th, 2011 15:23

How to keep Windows XP taskbar visible in full-screen
Specifically, when reading books in full-screen mode in Foxit Reader. Foxit Reader only has options to display its own toolbars, not the Windows taskbar. And, obviously, right-clicking the taskbar and selecting "always keep on top of other windows" or "lock taskbar" doesn't help either. Is there any round-about way to keep the Windows taskbar visible and working normally in full-screen?

P.S. A magnificent Golden Raspberry will be awarded to whomever decides to start arguing the semantics of the word "full-screen".

Andhaira December 28th, 2011 17:09

Why don't you just use adobe reader like most normal ppl?

Alrik Fassbauer December 30th, 2011 00:28

@Andhaira : Because the Foxit reader is just faster. And smaller.

I don't know if this helps you, but MS TweakUI has an option under "General" -> "Focus" -> "Prevent Applications From Stealing Focus". You could try that out.

Zloth December 31st, 2011 01:30

Errr? What kind of full screen is it, then? Is it the kind that takes over your entire screen (like a game) or is it just maximized? If it's the former then the whole point is to get rid of things like the task bar. If it's the latter then something else is going on.

Glyphwright December 31st, 2011 17:36

Alrik, I've already had this option selected. Whatever it does, it doesn't help.

And Zloth, I have sent your Golden Raspberry under separate cover by overnight mail. Make good use of it, you deserved it.

Is there any way to keep the taskbar from disappearing when I turn the fullscreen mode in Foxit Reader? I know the fullscreen mode is supposed to hide the taskbar, I'd just like to override this setting somehow. Google Chrome supports this option, so I don't see why Foxit shouldn't.

hishadow January 1st, 2012 04:02

Foxit it crap! SumatraPDF rules them all!!!!

Alrik Fassbauer January 1st, 2012 16:12

I guess the function within Foxit Reader is so that it can be used as a kind of presentation program - and an "bar" would be disturbing there, I guess.

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