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myers90 December 31st, 2011 01:09

Few questions about modding

I have a few question about modding Xenus.

First: Where can I find that script, what gives the first mission (go to Lisa's workplace) on new game?
Second: Where can I change the starting inventory items? (pistol, phone, etc)
And the last: Where can I find the script, what play the first cutscene at new game?

Thanks, myers90

myers90 April 11th, 2012 18:26

I still looking for the answers for these questions. In Vital Engine 3 very easy to solve this problems… But here, maybe its a hard-coded part of the game? :/

Realist January 25th, 2016 17:36

Yeah, thats hard-coded to engine. W/o reverse-engineering is no way.
But can "use cunning" in some places. For example, change first story mission "Visit the Editor" on something. And also can change all missions with cutscenes to another missions, and cutscenes will work. Just need so global triggers and locations stay originals.

Well, also can remove intems in the beginning, use special command in dialogies TAKESID[X]=[x]. At the start of mission put the NPC with "Autoreply" in KEYWORDS and this special command.

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