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Dhruin March 30th, 2007 22:36

Guild Wars - Expansion & Sequel Interview @ About.com
About.com has grabbed ArenaBet's Jeff Strain and Mike O'Brien to discuss the two recently announced future Guild Wars projects:

I understand that another release in the Guild Wars series, Eye of the North, is in development. Is it really the end, or will further expansions be considered if Eye of the North is a success?
Jeff: We haven't actually announced what the follow-up plan is for Guild Wars. This is the first Guild Wars expansion but we certainly haven't said that this is the end of Guild Wars 1. Regardless of our product release strategy, it goes without saying that even after Guild Wars 2 ships we have no intention of shutting down servers or ending support for Guild Wars 1. At this point we just don't know if there will be Guild Wars 1 releases after Eye of the North… we're not closing our doors to the idea, but we can't say anything definite about it one way or the other.
More information.

Surlent March 30th, 2007 22:36

That's a pretty good interview. Guildwars2 sounds quite nice. If ArenaNet can hold to their promise and not charge monthly fee, I think GW2 will be well received just like the first one.

GW2 is still way ahead, but I wonder how enthusiastic people are to buy the expansion to the original GuildWars when they know a sequel is in the works?

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