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VET January 16th, 2012 22:39

DeepShadows English Forum Gone
Looks like the old forum is no longer. I haven't been able to connect there for a month. There was no warning from the sys op, but it had been fairly inactive for a long time with no new members.
I notice the Russian DeepShadows forums are still online.

I was really sad when ShadowMoses' original xenus.net forum closed. We had a great community there that really enhanced gameplay of Boiling Point: Road to Hell. All the tech tips, and mission guides by Little Fluffy Clouds were all lost, and the friends we made there have all dispersed and moved on to other games.

Thanks to the DeepShadows forum, we had the translation patches that allowed us to play White Gold: War in Paradise in English. Great work by a lot of people, especially badmofo, wesp5, meyers 90, guenthar.

Just as well we have a lifeline from RPG Watch, thanks guys.


myers90 January 21st, 2012 16:49

Its sad, but it was expected… and as I see, the offical site of White Gold and Precursors are dead too. Of course the important is, this RPG Watch community is still alive, but I hope there will be a bit more life on it in the future!

badmofo January 22nd, 2012 23:53

Yes thanks RPGWatch for keeping this iteration of the Deep Shadows community alive.

Such a shame that Deep Shadows went the way it did; I'd love to know what happened to them and whether they'll develop anything again, but I won't be holding my breath…

Wesp5 January 23rd, 2012 10:17


Originally Posted by badmofo (Post 1061122793)
I'd love to know what happened to them and whether they'll develop anything again, but I won't be holding my breath…

Checking their official page it seems they only do hidden object adventure games now…

myers90 January 23rd, 2012 11:17

The truth is I don't really understand them. They had to release the SDK and made a real english version for Precursors and Xenus 2 too, and I think they would be more successful with this two game, and they would have more chance to stay on feet with developing a higher category game, than that adventore games, what they're making now.

Shepard_the_3rd January 23rd, 2012 18:12

Hm, the choice for survival they made is very clear to me. Short development time, small team and steady sales for the current hidden object games compared to long development time, large team and high risk for failure (bad reviews !) for the RPG hybrids.
Plus they don't have a reliable business partner for the english speaking market.

Wesp5 January 23rd, 2012 18:34

Yeah, even GSC have problems with their STALKER series right now and they even got the needed international hype and media cover which Deep Shadows failed to aquire.

On another note, I could release an updated patch for White Gold soon, which fixes a lot of things and improves the translation some more, but I would like to release the Precursors patch at the same time too. So could someone help me out with the needed 1.1 saved games to look into the flyer problem?

myers90 January 23rd, 2012 19:44

I have a lot of ideas what I want to implement for Xenus 2 in the future, but I have to make some fixes for the SDK before I begin modding… So I working on it now. But there is an important problem, what I probably cant do, and its the converter for the old rf2 models. Because the current engine dont handling the old files. (as i know the response objects not working with them…) Maybe someone else could do it?

guenthar January 31st, 2012 01:42

Larian did the same thing with switching to easy to make games and eventually when they had the resources went back to the Divinity games. That means there is potential for the return of Deep Shadows.

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