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Dhruin January 20th, 2012 15:34

Time of Heroes - Released for iOS
I know we've got a few fans of Smuttlewerk's Companions around, so the release of their latest iOS game Time of Heroes is worth a mention:

Greetings from Germany. The “smuttlewerkers” are happy to announce our second title “Time of Heroes” for Apples iTouch devices (3rd generation onward).

Our game is a 3D turn-based strategy game with great graphics and even better gameplay.
The world of “Altland” is the place the story happens - like in our first game “Companions” - a fantasy world we created, crawling with strange creatures and enemies and allies alike. The “smuttlewerkers” put more than half a years work into it and tried (and hopefully accomplished) to create a unique and fun experience.

Ralph, the co-Founder of smuttlewerk, and myself played a “SEGA Mega Drive II” game back in 1991/2 called “Warsong” (better known as “Langrisser” in Japan). I guess I played through the whole game (which was about 20 maps large) three or four times. We loved the game so much back in the days that we decided to bring a new, heavily altered version to iOS, set in our own universe of “Altland”.

Everyone who played the game thus far was thrilled by the way the game plays, looks and sounds. We’ve included three AI difficulty settings AND three “number of units” difficulty settings, so veterans and newcomers alike may have fun with our game. The combat system is easy to understand, yet challenges the player to use his brain.

On top of that the game has RPG elements. Your heroes level up, they use magic, you find items on the battlefield and you skill your heroes in different ways. Replayability is guaranteed.

Here’s the link to our youTube Trailer (I did the lyrics and sang the song, my partner Ralph made the music):


We thought a “power metal” approach would suit the game just fine.
More information.

you January 20th, 2012 15:34

No clue if the game is good but IOS is so yesterday; where is the andriod version ?

smuttlegiaco January 20th, 2012 15:51

as soon as we have the manpower to port our games it shall be done. right now we simply lack the resources to do so.

killias2 January 20th, 2012 16:56

I was literally about to stop reading.. and then I saw the Warsong/Langrisser reference.

Have you only played the first, our have you tried the sequels? Basically, the only ones still untranslated are 3 and 5. I highly recommend pretty much all of them.

In any case, bring this to Android, and we will talk, :-)

smuttlegiaco January 20th, 2012 17:16

i only played the original "warsong", back in 91 or 92. I gues I have to look out for emu sites offering the other parts. :)

killias2 January 20th, 2012 17:44

Elsallia.com is the only real Langrisser resource in English I'm aware of. The forum is quiet, but interesting things still happen about once every few years. More importantly, ElSallia pretty much has everything you'll need to translate the games.

Translated, there is:
1. A translation of the PC port of the original Langrisser, which actually changed a lot and is more like the sequels. Highly recommended, although it's a bit of a pain to get working. You almost certainly need VirtualBox with an XP installation.
2. A translation of Langrisser 2 for genesis. Highly recommended. The only FAQ I ever wrote was on this game, over at GameFAQs.
3. A translation of Der Langrisser for the SNES. This game is a remake of Langrisser 2, only with a branching storyline and loads of other changes. In the end, it's actually quite different. They both have strengths and weaknesses. Highly recommended.
4. A translation of Langrisser IV for the PSX. This just came out, but you can find the patch on the forums under "New Projects." The Saturn release is rather superior to this, but it's still a great game. Highly recommended.

There is also a translation to the Crest of Gaia/Elthlead, but it's not nearly as good as the proper Langrisser games. I'd only recommend it as a curiosity. There's also a patch to revert the changes made to Langrisser when it was translated and became Warsong. However, there really aren't that many changes, so it's more of a curiosity than anything else.

Personally, if I were you, I'd probably try either Langrisser 2 or Der Langrisser. Langrisser 2 is a little tighter in its design and is far more challenging, but Der Langrisser gives you all kinds of choices and feels a lot bigger.

In general, the sequels kept the basic structure but added a few things here and there. The single biggest change is the introduction of true ranged units. While archers were just the paper to cavalry's rock in Warsong/Langrisser, they are actually ranged now. Ballistae are also introduced with -long- ranges and higher attack powers. Spearmen have replaced archers as the paper to cavalry's rock, which is fitting.

Other than that, the biggest shift is probably the ever-increasing introduction of RPG elements. Opening quizzes to see who you are, romantic interests, branching stories, more items, and more exploration - all seem, generally, to add RP elements to the series. Still, at the end of the day, this is for strategy gamers.

smuttlegiaco January 20th, 2012 20:51

thx for the great info. :-) I'll check the site. alas, I just hope I find some time to play the games. currently a 12-14 hour day is standard here for the smuttlewerkers. and after staring at computer screens for that amount of time, you don't really need it once you get home…

killias2 January 20th, 2012 21:09

Totally understandable. Like I said, bring this to Android or even PC, and I'm probably interested.

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