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Dhruin January 24th, 2012 11:20

Dragon Commander - Chinese New Year Promo Offer
Larian has a free humorous Chinese New Year promo, offering up a Dragon Commander in-game item in return for your email address:

Dear Customers,

Today we celebrate the arrival of the year of the Black Water Dragon.

The whole team of The Burning Imps, Inc. is proud to announce that this wise and powerful creature now uses our Silverfire™ jet-pack technology to satisfy its travel and combat needs.

Last year, the Silverfire™ tech has been voted as Best in Class by both The Rivellon Times and The Raven's News.

If you want to join the Black Water Dragon, and use the superior Silverfire™ technology, you can sign up here for your FREE trial offer (*)
More information.

darklord January 24th, 2012 11:20

Well I signed up for it, not really sure what I'm getting, it was all quite confusing! :blush:


Myrthos January 24th, 2012 13:22

Don't know what you'll be getting either. At least the presentation of it is funny :)

Couchpotato January 24th, 2012 13:31

You get a jet-pack item on releases. The email says it's a dlc item that will be given to you on release.



Thanks for registering for your free DLC for Dragon Commander. We will contact you once the game is out.


Larian Studios

Alrik Fassbauer January 24th, 2012 13:36

At least I had a good laugh ! :lol:

JDR13 January 24th, 2012 14:17

Bioware could learn a thing or two from these guys.

Carnifex January 24th, 2012 17:22

Pretty funny promo. Always knew roasted elves would taste like chicken!!


Capt. Huggy Face January 25th, 2012 06:40

I signed up. Always like reading what Lar has to write.

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