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Dhruin April 5th, 2007 21:56

Dawn of Magic - Demo Tomorrow
Worthplaying has news a 530Mb demo for SkyFallen's wizardly action/RPG Dawn of Magic will debut tomorrow.
More information.

Bossman April 5th, 2007 21:56

Looks like the demo has already been released, check BluesNews :)

Corwin April 6th, 2007 03:23

Our news page reflects this!!

Shagnak April 6th, 2007 05:19

Anyone have an opinion?

(Edit: I guess I'll risk a dload.)

curious April 6th, 2007 06:38

-the graphics of items in the world are of high quality but the characters are quite the opposite.
-the camera has a lot of freedom.
-the user interface is fairly intuitive and the character development has quite a lot of different categories even though your character only has 3 stats.
-the tutorial is quite thourough, though at the same time a bit too lengthly.
-an intersting take on life and mana potions are that you have pools of mana and health potions that when you collect them there are a certain value and you can pick up one for say 34 health and another for 121 health and so on. they get added to a pool with a cap in the thousands and when you use a potion it draws from that total. this is actually quite a nice feature which to my knowledge has never been done before. no managing half a dozen different stacks of health potions.
-the spells look cool though i was kind of puzzled by the 3 out of 12 magic trees you got to specialize in. so far i'm still on the first map/quest but it shows promise though i doubt i'll fall in love with it.

Shagnak April 6th, 2007 07:39

It's amusing how quickly gaining skill in magic will mutate your appearance. I'm barely out of n00b-land and already I have horns coming out of my shoulders and pincers for hands.

Aside from this, it is yet another action RPG (YAAR!).
Fun diversion if games like Titan Quest are your cuppa.

Corwin April 6th, 2007 08:40

TQ is definitely NOT my cuppa!! :)

Surlent April 6th, 2007 11:59

From my early impressions, it plays lot like that one game few years back ago, umm what was it called? El toro ? El diabolono ? El Bablo ? El Diaplonius?


It's amusing how quickly gaining skill in magic will mutate your appearance. I'm barely out of n00b-land and already I have horns coming out of my shoulders and pincers for hands.
Yeah, wonder what kind of freak the character will be at the end of the game? :p
I noticed also some spell training overlaps another features or removes them completely.

The specialization didn't make much sense to me aside from giving few starting spells. It didn't have pentagram and blood magic as options either.

EDIT: Here's few videos which show how much morphing the spells will cause in full potential to the character.

aries100 April 6th, 2007 20:03

I have been playing the demo for about 2½-3 hours now. And here's my (first) impression.

- visuals are nice (yah --- represent the game's atmosphere fairly well).

- gameplay and interface are very intutive, and easily learned, although the skills & stats progression still is a bit confusing to me.

- quests are modern, innovative, creative and some of the best quests in an action rpg, I have seen. They range from - go kill something very dangerous, to play fetch with children (nasty little brats ;) - running all over the game ;) ) and to protect someone etc. (even the blacksmith has a quest for you to do! very nice :) ).

- The chracters look nice, imo, and the weapons etc. look even nicer. (however, they do not look over nice).

- The Intro sequence is probably one of the best intro sequences, I have seen in a very long long time :)

The tutorial is extensive, although at times very boring and tedious, but covers the basic gameplay nicely, imo.

- If you die (and you will) the game spawns you at the teleporter on the map where you died.

My main problems/grievnaces with this game, are the same, I had with Silverfall.
The camera can be moved freely around, but, imo, it doesn't have near height to it.
This can sometimes be a problem if you want to tell you from where the monsters are coming etc. And you cannot save the game without existing it - this is very annoying, imo, since not all people have 2-3 hous a day they can set aside to play this game. (and it is necessary to have as much time as this - if you want to get something done this game…).

The monsters in this game are, well, shall we say, ok, and there's a fair amount of space between them. Sometimes there are too maney of them in one given location. But overall, the game seems fairly balanced in this regard.

A score would probably be around 7.5-7.9. The reason I don't give 8.0 or 8.5 is because I think that there's lots of potential here, if only the devs. had trusted their intuition/instincts and made a full fledged rpg game, instead of this rpg game we now have, which focuses on action & combat a lot.

But it is not one of the first rps (or adventure) games I would buy, when I have the amoney to buy games again. But it would probably come before Silverfall anyway ;)

curious April 6th, 2007 21:22

@aries100- change the height in the options menu. this game has more height available to it than any 3-d rpg game outside of an rts/hybrid in my view.

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